Ablakwa skeptical of Reverend Martey’s lunch offer

Deputy Education Minister Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa says he will have to think twice about an invitation to lunch extended to him by the Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Martey, the outgoing moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana.

Ablakwa says he cannot hazard any guess on how the controversial man of God would construe a lunch meeting, especially when Rev. Martey appears to be a double-tongued man.

Rev. Martey has since Tuesday become the most topical in media discussions after he alleged that some politicians had attempted to buy his silence over critical national issues with a $100,000 dollars along with a house gift and an expensive vehicle.

In those explosive moments Rev. Martey had questioned what useful ends the government has been putting his taxes, claiming that when he a taxpayer asks questions about the uses of his taxes, some politicians think he should keep quiet.

He also labeled those politicians as ‘babies with sharp teeth’, a term former President Jerry Rawlings had previously used to derogate members of his party, the National Democratic Congress.

Rev. Martey claimed he regretted not having wild dogs at when the bribe givers visited, for he would have unleashed those dogs on them to expose their evil deeds.

However on Radio Gold Wednesday, Ablakwa said Rev. Martey could not be the same man alleging the misuse or dissipation of his taxes when only in late June, he had called him to personally congratulate him and the government for the great development the government was bringing to the country.

That was after Rev. Martey had visited the Presbyterian Boys School, Legon, in the company of other old students on a tour of educational facilities of the church.

Ablakwa said Rev. Martey, enthused by what he saw, asked to speak to him being an old student, during which conversation on the mobile phone of the General Overseer of the Living Streams International Ministries, Rev. Dr Ebenezer Maama Markwei, he heaped praises on the government for a job well done.

Ablakwa said it was during that conversation that Rev. Martey offered to host him to lunch. With what is happening, I don’t think I want to have lunch with him, Ablakwa said, adding that you cannot tell how Rev Martey will construe that meeting.

Rev. Ebenezer Markwei confirmed he personally called Ablakwa at the request of Rev. Martey and he had no cause to doubt the sincerity of his conversation.

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