56-year-old woman completes BECE

Celebrated Ghanaian musician Obuoba J.A. Kwabena Adofo has appeal to up and coming musicians to assist the old veteran musicians , since they are the once who paved ways for the music genre to become what its today .

Speaking to 98 newspaper at the time the president John Dramani Mahama send out some donations to some selected veteran stars , he said that though Gambro , the president and other personality are doing their best for veteran musicians , the young upcoming once also have to get themselves involve so it can becomes a tradition.

The legendary musician, who has 115 albums to his credit, and with over 40 years experience in the music industry suggested that most of them are available to guide and collaborate with the new musicians anytime they want to .

Giving a gist apart why most Ghanaian veteran musicians are suffering today , he said is because during their days it was more about sacrifice and there was no much money in the business .

who hinted a comeback this year with a new album, suspected the plot on his life was masterminded by his Nigerian promoter called Ango, who is now deceased.Added that most of them are not been called for jobs any more and the few once who are mostly called for jobs are also not well,

‘ some people see as as old musicians they can’t make business with whiles others also don’t call us because most or us are sick and when we called we can’t futile the engagements , so makes us all jobless and inactive’

He dvised the new musicians to make money aside the showbizness because few years to come they might also get to a level where they won’t be much active .

‘ because most of we the veterans during our days careless about money and was fully doing free services it has affected us in many ways , so will like to advice the young once to bare in mine that they will grow to their age and if they don’t get proper people to take care of them that will be their end , so they should make the money and build the future


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