40-year development plan is problematic – Osafo Marfo

The Senior Minister-designate, Yaw Osafo Marfo has expressed disapproval with the process to prepare a 40-year development plan for Ghana.

Appearing before the Appointments Committee of parliament today [January 20, 2017], Osafo Marfo said thinking in terms of 40 years is “just too long” and “problematic.”

“For anybody to think about a 40-year development plan when you have governments coming in centre right and centre left and that kind of thing is not practical because the people who mount this plan matter in their ideology and in their thinking.”

He believes planning should be done “within a period that is likely to be sustained” due to the whole “architecture of the world thinking and ideology.”

The NDPC launched the process to prepare a 40-year development plan for Ghana (2018-2057).

The plan will bind governments to a vision lasting till the country attains 100 years.
The idea of the plan was born out of the recommendations of the Constitution Review Commission of 2010.

The then president of Ghana, John Mahama who spoke during the launch of the plan in 2015 underscored the importance of long-term development plans to the socio-economic prosperity of countries.
But Osafo Marfo believes that a five or ten-year development plan will be ideal for all countries.

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