1. Why did the so called security experts (MERCENARIES) State different for coming to Ghana on their visa?

2. Are the three mercenaries got WORKING PERMIT before being engage by Nana Addo?

3. If they are to train bodyguards for Nana Addo to control Crowd , why are they training them in weapons handling?

4. If the training have no evil intention, why do they have to be training them in the night inside a forest ??

5. What has STL workers profiles data have to do with Crowd control experts? 6. Captain Koda, who is the head of Nana Addo Security is an ex military personnel, why didn’t he train the security guards himself??

7. The three mercenaries, major Ahmed Shaikh (54yrs, Denver Naidu (39 yrs) and Jokani (45 yrs) are all below retirement age, why are they not still in security service if really they are renounced officers?

8. Capt. Kwesi Acquah who is the owner of Delta Forces is also a former military personnel, is he also not experience enough to train bodyguards?

9. In likely event that Nana addo loose the election, what will be their role ?

10. Finally, Does it mean that the bodyguards will be armed to control Crowd since they are being train in weapons handling?

What do you think?

Written by NewsMaster

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