Minority predicts doom for businesses over quarterly utility tariff adjustments

22nd June 2023

The Minority in Parliament is predicting doom for businesses in the coming days following the government’s deal with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) coupled with quarterly adjustments of utility tariffs.

The Caucus says that the government will increase utility tariffs every three months without recourse to the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC), which will further worsen the high cost of doing business and aggravate the harsh economic conditions.

Addressing the media, Deputy Ranking Member on the Finance Committee of Parliament Isaac Adongo underscored the impact of such increases on Ghanaians in the coming days.

“Every three months, they will increase electricity and water tariffs without due regard to its impacts on individuals, households, and businesses and this will definitely impact badly in the cost of doing business and feed into the current debilitating inflation and suffering being experienced by Ghanaians.

“Now you go and buy electricity and when you get home, you are afraid to slot the card because the units on the card are not enough, and you will need to go back and buy to top up.”

Written by Web Master

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