If you want to be president again stop insulting people – Nana Akomea replies John Mahama

29th May 2023

The Managing Director of the State Transport Corporation (STC), Nana Akomea, has responded to former President John Mahama, saying that politics has destroyed Mahama’s fine mind.

Nana Akomea said that Mahama’s penchant for insulting people who criticize him is unbecoming of his stature.

He said that if Mahama wants to be re-elected to the highest office in the land, he should stop insulting people.

In a Facebook post on Saturday, the former Okaikwei South MP urged Mahama to find other ways of engaging his critics.

“Even if [ex] President Mahama disagrees with me, I am sad that he chose to lace his disagreement with insults to my person, by implying politics had caused me to lose my ‘fine mind’.”

“The last time other citizens commented on this same sentiment of [former] President Mahama, he met them with similar insults, calling them ‘silly’.”

“I urge [ex] President Mahama, that if he wants to be President of Ghana again, he should refrain from insulting citizens,” he said.

Nana Akomea added that “I assure him I am still his friend and I still have a fine mind.”

The NDC flagbearer addressed a call made by Nana Akomea, urging him to stop accepting ex-gratia payments from the state.

During an appearance on Peace FM’s ‘Kokrokoo’ programme last week, Nana Akomea urged the former president to show leadership and reject any ex-gratia due him.

“So, you, [former] President Mahama, today if you claim you don’t believe in the ex-gratia, the ones that you have taken, we know that you have spent it already, so we can’t say that go and bring it.”

“But the challenge I am giving to him is that the ones he will be taking from this month May, he shouldn’t take it, he should stop taking the ex-gratia, the same way Togbe Afede stopped and returned his own, he should follow the same principle,” Mr Akomea said on Peace FM.

In response to Akomea’s statement, John Mahama took to Twitter on Friday to clarify that he does not take ex-gratia.

“My friend Nana Akomea. Really sad what politics can do to a fine mind!

“I don’t take ex-gratia. I receive a monthly pension,” he said.

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