John Mahama commemorates 10th anniversary of Atta-Mills’ death

25th July 2022

Former President John Dramani Mahama has commemorated the 10th anniversary of his former boss, John Evans Atta-Mills on Sunday.

Accompanied by stalwarts and supporters from the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr Mahama joined the family of the late President at Asomdwee Park to mark the occasion.
Mr Mahama speaking at the 10th anniversary of the late President Atta-Mills’ death.

Speaking at the ceremony, he eulogised the late President Atta-Mills as an honorable and dignified statesman whose shoes can never be filled.
Mr Mahama interacting with the son of the late former President, Kofi Sam Atta-Mills

“Professor was an honourable and dignified statesman whose love for his country and his people, was without questions. He was a phenomenon best felt than described. His entry into the pressure cooker and high octane environments, that is, Ghanaian politics was the most opportune development for this country.

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