Govt raid on the residence of Hon Kofi Adams is a testimony of the incompetence of the Akuffo Addo Govt-Kwesi Dawood

In a radio discussion this morning on the Kasoa based Pink Fm, the Central Regional Communication Officer of the NDC-Mr Kwesi Dawood stated empathically that the Raid by Govt on the residence of Hon Kofi Adams for his private vehicles thinking they were State vehicles *is a testimony of the incompetence of the Akuffo Addo Govt and must be condemned in no uncertain terms*. “who in Ghana doesn’t know that State vehicles are registered with green number plates? who doesn’t know that commercial vehicles are registered with yellow number plates? Isn’t it public knowledge that private vehicles are registered with white number plates except Govt Operational vehicles which are registered with white number plates but uses GE, GR and GS PREFIX? A competent and capable Govt will have this knowledge to guide them so its obvious the Govt in sanctioning that raid has gleefully advertised his incompetence “, he stated

Since the NDC believes in the smooth transfer of power and to prevent occurrences of 2001 when the NPP took over the governance of this Country, and in the ” Father for All” spirit of Prof J. E. Atta Mills, our Govt tasked Hon Vincent Kuagbenu to properly document and register all Govt vehicles with distinct features and it was done – something that never happened with the NPP in power between 2001-2008 and it is even worrying because the Govt of JM made available State vehicles to the Akuffo Addo Govt before exiting.

The RCO advised all NDC executives and former appointees to remain firm, resolute, law abiding but to defend themselves should any Govt official or NPP activist disguised as a security operative intrude on their privacy to violate their human rights. “In this era of institutional vandalism with NPP’s internal security operatives-the Invincible Forces, organised thugs or hired machomen wearing military accoutrements parading as Security Officials; should any Govt official intrude on your privacy to violate your human rights, don’t hesitate to defend yourselves and report to the police subsequently. Above all, take good note of the identities and faces of such characters because the Great NDC won’t be in opposition forever”.

Moreover the use of hired machomen, invincible forces, organised thugs, militias often in military accoutrements to terrorize law abiding citizens in their private homes by the Akuffo Addo Govt is a threat to our democracy, a threat to the peace of this Nation, undermines the sanctity of the revered GAF and must be condemned in no uncertain terms by all well meaning Ghanaians.

” His Excellency Akuffo Addo swore to uphold and defend the constitution of Ghana so why this lawlessness? Why is he mute on his Govts’ sanctioned illegality against private citizens and former Govt appointees? Who in Ghana doesn’t know the position of the law if a Security Agency or Official wants to enter the premises of a citizens residence, vessel, office or premises? Has this Govt that pride itself with the rule of Law decided to throw the law away? Was there a Court warrant or order?”

Mr Kofi Adams said on Wednesday that some armed military men, DVLA officials and national security personnel stormed his residence at Golf City in Tema and drove away five vehicles. The vehicles, he said are three (3) Land Cruisers and two (2) Pick Ups. Of the five, three of them – a Pick-Up and 2 Land Cruisers belonged to him while the other two Land Cruisers belonged to his brother.

And the seizure, the National Organizer of the NDC said has affected his daily activities as the vehicles were meant to run various errands for him. He has since accused the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the Nana Akufo-Addo administration of engaging in acts of lawlessness.

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