Lante Vanderpuije declares presidential ambition

Odododiodoo legislator Nii Lante Vanderpuije has revealed he is eyeing the presidency.

“Yes, I will want to do that,” Mr Vanderpuije said to Ekow Mensah Shalders, host of Executive Breakfast Show on Class91.3fm when asked if he would want to be president one day.

“And you know that if it comes to that, I will be successful,” the Deputy Minister of Local Government and Rural Development said.

“In fact, let me say this, when it gets to that time …possibly I’ll be the first Ga-Dangme to be president of this country,” he added.

“If God says so, who am I to say no? I look at it and I say look, one day, one day if I look from where I have come, one day, one day I’m sure if I continue to lead the life that is pleasing to God, if I continue to do the things that I am doing, if I continue to serve President Mahama very well, once ‘wo y? obi de? yie a, wo nso wo di? b?y? yie’. (To wit – once you look out for someone’s interest, your interest will also be taken care of).

According to him, “When it comes to that time, I’ll call on almighty God to bless me, to give me the favour, the power, the strength, the guidance to be able to be a successful president … and I know it will come one day.”

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