2012 Gbi Clashes- Mahama promises compensation to victims

President John Mahama has promised a compensation package to persons affected by the 2012 conflict between indigenes of Gbi Traditional Council and the Zongo community in Hohoe municipality.

Speaking during an interaction with the people of Hohoe on Wednesday October 19 as part of his campaign tour of the Volta Region, Mr Mahama said processes have begun to identify the victims to benefit from the compensation.

He, however, did not mention how much compensation will be given and how many will benefit from the compensation.

The original residence of Togbega Gabusu VI was destroyed during communal violence that erupted between the Zongo community and the indigenes of the traditional area at Hohoe in 2012.
The clashes occurred as a result of the exhumation of the body of the Chief Imam of Hohoe Zongo, which was found lying by the side of the road that leads to Santrokofi.
The Zongo community, in a reprisal attack, invaded the residence of the paramount chief and burnt down some vehicles and personal property.
Two persons lost their lives and several stores owned by the Zongo community were razed in the conflict.
A committee was subsequently set up to investigate the causes of the conflict and come out with recommendations to help prevent a recurrence.
After four years, the president has announced a compensation package for the victims of the chaos ahead of the elections.
He promised the people that he will repair the chief’s palace that was burnt during the conflict.
“Today, when I come to Hohoe and I see the unity and the oneness that have developed between the people, living together in peace, unity and stability, it gives me a lot of happiness in my heart.

“After the conflict, a committee was set up and the committee came up with its recommendations and its findings. The findings and recommendations were given to the Minister for Local Government and Rural Development and the Attorney General. I want to assure that we are going to implement the … recommendations of the committee to the full.”

He added: “We have started the implementation with regards to the restoration and repair of Togbe’s palace. There are shops that were burnt – about four, five, six shops in town were brunt, two people lost their lives and other properties were destroyed. We are doing an evaluation of those properties so that we can pay compensation to the people who were affected.”

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