After 5 years Of Criminalizing An Innocent Man”WOYOME”- God Has Had The Final Say

It has been five years of vilification of an innocent man. Even people who claim to be Christians and know about the biblical injunction ?Thou shall not bear false witness against the neighbor? spat in the face of God by joining in the vilification.

When his child fell ill and there was a need to buy medicines for him, a pharmacist at East Legon (who we shall expose later) refused to sell to the family, ignoring the fact that a child?s life was at stake. The pharmacists cared less about the child because his father is ALFRED ABGESI WOYOME.

The criminalization of Mr. Woyome, Former Vice Consul of Austria to Ghana was led by the press. They tried him, found him guilty and sentenced him on their TV and radio programmes and on the pages of their newspapers. They made prejudicial statements with impunity all aimed at stampeding the courts to find Alfred Woyome guilty of defrauding the state of �GH 51 million.

The twice defeated flag-bearer of the NPP, Akufo-Addo, who claims to be a lawyer and if true, should know better, saw the Woyome case as an issue he could anchor his tottering campaign to for victory in the 2012 elections.. Drill-ship Merchant, K T Hammond, used Woyome?s name to compose the NPP?s 2012 campaign song.

The NDC, a party Alfred Woyome helped fund from opposition to government were the Brutus in the whole saga. First of all, it was a cabal in the party that packaged the whole scandal and handed it over Kennedy Agyapong, having

identified him as loud-mouth, to use against him. In their estimation, it would finish Woyome. They wanted to ?show him where power lies?. They had willing partners in EOCO, who went beyond their mandate to freeze accounts of the businessman which had not been sanctioned by the court all aimed at demobilizing him. ( By the way the Court of Appeals ruled on that issue an held that EOCO acted wrongly)

Those in the NDC who virtually ate from the business man?s hands in the days of yore, did not only turn their back on him; like Brutus in Shakespeare?s Julius Caesar, they also wielded the dagger that was used to stab Woyome in the back. Young party activists were told not to defend him. He was denied a voice to defend himself even on the air waves of the very radio station where he used to pay the salary of workers, the radio station he armed people to defend in 2008 when the NPP moved against it. Alfred Woyome was treated like a leper; no one wanted to deal with him. NDC folks were told not to talk to him. People who will happily welcome his call at midnight suddenly will not pick his call even if it was noon. The most annoying part is that those who went into hiding when the NDC went into opposition as well as those who said they had quit politics but who have all crawled back one the party has won power had the sheer audacity to also demonise him. Then the trial started.
For two years, an Accra High Court presided over by a man they chose to ensure Woyome will be jailed at all cost sat on the case. He listened to all the witnesses that were paraded before him by the Attorney-General. One of the witnesses even lied on oath; she committed perjury for which she would have been jailed in any of the advanced democracies. The case wore on. Woyome defended himself. He proved he had a valid contract with the Ghana government. The press was not interested in that. He proved that he deserved the money awarded him by the court for the financial engineering he did to bring in a whopping ?1.2 billion euros that was to be used in putting up stadia and other state of the art facilities. The press was not interested in that. Finally, judgement day came. The cabal had impressed on Justice Ajet-Nassam to jail Woyome. Confident he would do their will, riot police in full riot gear arrived at the court ostensibly to halt his supporters who are likely to riot once he is jailed. Ajet Anassam arrived in court but decided to do the will of God, not man. Going by the facts before him, he declared that ALFRED AGBESI WOYOME was NOT GUILTY of the charges preferred against him.
Justice John Ajet-Nasam, however, did himself and Woyome a lot of injustice when in his ruling he slammed the Attorney-General and her team for not putting up their best in the case. It held that the AG should have gotten the likes of, Mrs. Betty Mould-Iddrisu, the then Minister of Justice, Mr. Ebo Barton-Odro, then Deputy Minister of Justice, Mr. Paul Asemeni, Head of Legal department at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, Mr. Samuel Neequaye Tetteh, Chief State Attorney and Mr. Magnus Rex Danquah, Chief Operating Officer of CAN 2008 Local organizing Committee (LOC) in-charge of the day today administration of the tournament and member of the Technical Committee on the Stadia Construction to court to testify for the prosecution. Unless the judge by his comments wanted to lead the prosecution to the guillotine, it is difficult to understand what he really meant because these senior officials? testimonies would only rather show further how squeaky clean Woyome is in this matter.
The truth of the matter is that the AG had no case. Its decision to prosecute was an act of bad faith. It was more political than legal. Woyome had no case to answer; it was only sheer hatred for him from within the NDC that led to the whole saga in the first place and the NPP, like a hyena that has seen a carcass, fed gluttonously on it thinking it will help them come to power.
Having been told she did not put in enough effort, the AG proceeded to the Court of Appeals. But yesterday, in a unanimous verdict, the Court of Appeals held that Alfred Agbesi Woyome was NOT GUILTY as Justice Ajet Nasam said.
Alfred Woyome is proceeding to the International Court to challenge Ghana?s Supreme Court?s decision that he pays back the GH �51 million. So far, the conduct of the Supreme Court in this whole case leaves much to be desired. The comments of Justice Doste in particular indicate he has not got a firm grasp of the case. As in the case of Balkan Energy vrs Ghana and Bankswitch vrs Ghana, Ghana will lose again in the Woyome case at the International Court and pay heavily for it because the country is refusing to learn any lesson from its mistakes. Sheer hatred and envy has blinded many people to the truth. Already, Waterville is at the International Court in this case. And, this country may end up having to pay so much in damages because it is refusing to learn any lesson about judgement debts.
All those who have hounded Alfred Woyome, from the press through politicians to even so-called men of God should be realizing that they can howl and scream, they can quote legal jargons and shout themselves hoarse on the airwaves of radio, they can brandish documents and speak the best English language on air, JEHOVAH ALWAYS HAS THE FINAL SAY!

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