Message-Less Akufo Addo Embarks On Begging Campaign

““Her unimagined act pricked the emotions of the gathering, many of whom found it difficult to watch the scene, while others could not help but chuckle with pity.”

Christine Churcher is not the only known figure in the NPP who is begging the electorate to renew their faith in the party. Kofi Konadu Apraku and Jake Obetsebi Lamptey, NPP campaign director and campaign chairman respectively, have both followed suit on Joy FM and asked the electorate to forgive and forget the past.”

Do you know what Jake Obetsebe Lamptey meant by “the past”? Former President Rawlings captured it aptly in a statement in which he was convinced that, by 2008, Ghanaians were being governed “…by the rule of a morally bankrupt and visionless elite that has transformed arrogance into an art, glorifying corruption in style, and raping the country’s resources with shameless rapacity.”

Now the leader of the same group of bad leaders rejected twice at the polls by Ghanaians on the basis of the of the grave mis-rule described above says “TRY ME!”.
Will you take the risk?

What do you think?

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