Fulani crisis; Regional Best Farmer weeps at loss; arms wife with pump action gun

The 2015 Ashanti Region Best Farmer Edward Asadu could not hold back his tears as he recounted how Fulani herdsmen burnt his farm to the ground.
“In a country like this where the government does not help the farmers and it happens to you like this, if you have gone for a loan what can you do? Maybe find something to shoot yourself or take medicine [to die]” he sobbed and broke down in tears.

Photo: Edward Asadu’s farm
He got some comforting words from the Konogo Divisional Commander Supt. Ohene Boadi Bossman.
Large tracts of a 25-acre cassava and plantain farm which was being used to experiment a new variety has been lost in Agogo where tensions are high. This is because of the alleged criminal activities of Fulani herdsmen who kill, rape and maim farmers as they take over farmlands as grazing area for their cattle.
A 25-year-old farmer, David Atea, was shot dead in his farm by Fulani herdsmen in Agogo in the Ashanti Akyem North District of the Ashanti Region. The latest killing has triggered anger in the area.
Security forces have moved in to clamp down on the activities of the nomads. Three patrol teams are already in the bush Wednesday morning led by the Konogo Divisional commander.
Military vehicles are patroling the town with policemen armed to the teeth. But the residents are prepared to take matters into their own hands.
They fear the heightened security in Agogo may be a nine-day wonder. At a press conference organized by the chiefs, the youths besieged the palace in their huge numbers.
Ashanti regional correspondent Erastus Asare Donkor puts the figure at a thousand. ‘ Enough is enough’ the chiefs warned, feeling frustrated that despite a court ruling in 2012 to evict the unwelcome herdsmen, nothing has changed.
The residents are ready for war and ready to defend themselves.
One of such persons is the wife of the Ashanti regional best farmer. She has a pump action gun.
“It is for self-defence” she told Erastus. She was serious. Days ago, she had need for it when a Fulani man with cattle refused to leave her farm, she said.
She was forced to fire a warning shot before the resolve of the intruder broke down. He fled with his cattle.
At her husband’s farm Wednesday, senior police officials and the journalist joined in fetching water to put out the fire on the farm.

Photos: Asadu’s farm is an example of the rampant activities of the Fulani herdsmen
He was bitter. “I would not encourage anybody to invest in a farm, he said.
In Agogo, the main occupation is farming. Without going to the farm, there is little work left in the community.

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