The Emerging “Akyem Politics” And Its Potential Dangers- Ohenenana Obonti krow

There is this trend emerging on our political landscape that has the potential of inflicting collateral damage to our unitary structure and composition. People may gloss over it or even throw more light to intensify the trend without weighing its effect on this great nation. It began with this Akan vrs the rest pronouncements then now being narrowed to an Akyem revolution.

Let me first touch on the statement made by Attack Akyea.People who have followed our political evolution would not be surprised hearing this statement come from Atta Akyea.When Nkrumah decided to expand facilities at Abuakwa State College, he faced same rebellious reaction. After a group of experts have suggested to the Nkrumah’s administration to move the college to a new site to ensure proper expansion work with modern facilities to meet the standard then,they rejected the proposal all because per their thinking, Nkrumah was bent on denying them the facility. A site between Tafo and Kukurantumi was suggested, equipments moved there only for these Abuakwa Royals to vehemently challenge the implementation of the project. Nkrumah established the school and that is the Ofori Panyin Secondary school of today.


The reason was that Nana Kena chief of Kukurantumi and one time Ghana’s Ambassador to India was a CPP supporter and had one time galvanised support from Tafo,Apedwa and other Akyem Towns as the Adontenhene of Akyem against Kyebi.Historically and per their Asona connection, the Kyebi stool is a nephew of the Kukuratumi stool.This move by the Adonten bloc,weakened the position of The Kyebi Chief even before he was confined to his residence at Adabraka.Remember, Ofori Atta 11 succumb to good counsel to veer off his agitant posture. He used on Dede Okai who was the women’s organizer of the CPP to plead for mercy hence his cordial relationship with Nkrumah later.


When Sir Ofori Atta kicked the bucket, Akyea Mensah was consulted to come down from Apedwa to rule in his stead.Mensah was a son and at the same time Royal via the maternal connection. Some of these sons and daughters of Sir Ofori Atta rebelled.Akyea Mensah was killed mysteriously and investigations revealed that the henious act was masterminded by one Kwaku Amoah also a son of the demised Chief.

What we must know is that,originally, the Akyems are divided into three branches: the Akim Abuakwa,the Akim Bosome,and the Akim Kotokus.The Bosomes and the Kotokus came from Asantemanso,the Abuakwas came from Adansi.At the time the Bosomes and Kokofus were still living near the lake,the Abuakwas moved across the PRA River and started eating up the Akwamu land between the PRA and the Birim.The Abuakwas were the people who helped the Denkyeras in their war against the Asantes not Akems as being peddled around.In fact, At the time that the Asantes were growing stronger in the Amanse country north of of lake Bosomtwe,the Akyems and the Akuapems had left adansi and settled around the south and west of the lake.If I mention Akuapem,I refer to the People from Abiriw to Abonse they are the original akwapims. The people of Asamankese also situated within the Akyem zone and others, are remnants of Akwamu who broke away during the war against the Akyems. Aburi also from Akwamu.The Akems established their authority over the Akwapims after helping them conquer Akwamu by planting their Royals there as oversight commander. The first chief was Ofori Kuma,then fixed his lieutenant a nephew at Amonokrom them strategically, planted reps in all the akwamu remnants like Aburi, there,the kronti stool and ofori tawiah stool are all Akyem reps to report to kyebi any rebellious move

I have brought in this to remind readers that the Akywm structure is not as unitary as we are made to believe and this posture by Okyehene as being the head of all Akyems,is a false claim. The Kotokus always stand vigorously by the historical fact that they moved from the lake to Ejisu then to Kotoku in the Asante-Akim,where they stayed for many years.It was from this place that they got their name.

In my subsequent write up I will touch on why the chief of Asamankese was angry because his young men had done wrong to him and his people but Ansa Sasraku would not give him justice.So when Ansa Sasraku came and begged him to fight alongside the Akwamus against the Akyems, refused. The Asamankese bloc and other Akwamu allies stayed quiet throughout the war.After the war Ansa Sasraku and his men fled to Volta leaving Asamankese and others at their present settlement. The Bosomes and the Abuakwas then came to live in their new homes among the Akwamu remnants that had stayed behind.

Some of Ansa Sasrakus men fled from Nyanoase to Agogo and there a battle was fought between them and the Kokofus.Soon afterwards the Kokofus moved away to old Oda…..

So,this display of authority by the Okyenehene is wrong.The challege he faces among the rest of the Akyems,is legitimate and proper.

What do you think?

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