Our last piece on the accounts given by president Mahama with regards to what he’s done at the secondary education level showed massive improvement in quality and access. We are therefore moving on to tertiary education and how policies at the tertiary level of education by this government has ensured high standards are maintained and improved upon, equity is achieved and relevance is ensured within the context of producing high caliber manpower able to fit into the world of work and lead the transformational agenda.
The number of students at the tertiary level stands at 313,845 as at now. In 2014, there was a 7.1% increase in enrollment for universities, 3.49% increase in enrollment at polytechnics and 26.9% increase in enrollment for the colleges of education. These were realized thanks some massive infrastructural developments undertaken in various institutions and we will be touching on some of these infrastructures in four public universities.

The university of Ghana has seen government constructing a 617-bed teaching hospital to facilitate the training of medical students and nurses at a cost of $217 million. Also, government inaugurated the $37 million distance education ICT facility for all 10 Regional education centres which includes a state of the art ICT equipments to expand access, improve quality and ensure that over 3,000 distance education students receive fully loaded and connected android tablets. All 10 regional centres are also equipped with video conferencing facilities and smart lecture theatres. Also, the university now has adequate fibre, guaranteed cloud service and the ability to deploy WiFi zones over a wider area.

Let’s now move to the University of Health and Allied Sciences and breakdown the accounts given by the president on the works done by his government on this campus. On Thursday November 19, 2015, president Mahama inaugurated the new permanent campus for the university at Sokode Lokoe near Ho in the Volta Region. The university admitted its first batch of medical students in the 2014/2015 academic year as government makes more effort to increase the number of doctors in the country as it constructs new hospitals as well. Thus creating more places where citizens can go seek healthcare and training more people to attend to the health needs of citizens at these centres. New schools including the school of pharmacy will commence this academic year.

At this point, the whole team scrutinizing the president’s accounts to the people unknowingly shouted in unison “clap for John Mahama” and we all clapped in admiration of the good works of the president and his government.

Join the discussion and let’s scrutinize the accounts given by president Mahama up to this point and you can drop your email address for a soft copy of the accounting to the people book.

We shall return.

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