100 relevant questions the media refused to ask Nana Addo

You claim to have appointed your ministers in record time. Assuming without admitting it is the case, haven’t you done that with total disregard for rule of Law and good governance? You have never consulted the Council of state as demanded by Law for all these appointments.

Can you explain to Ghanaians why members of government are predominantly of the President’s tribe, close friends and family members?

Can you explain to Ghanaians why you failed to appoint 30% women into your government despite the promise you made during Campaign?

Can you explain why you have delayed in appointing the Special Prosecutor who can independently prosecute your appointees?

Are you waiting for the “goats to go out” before closing the gate with respect to the SP appointment?

You criticized the size of government of the previous administration and yet you have the largest size of government since independence. Is it not hypocritical?

Why do you pretend to protect public purse yet you have all these appointees with many not having defined roles?

Why were crucial decisions made outside cabinet, example the infamous KenBond?

Are you not replacing the Statutory Cabinet with your “Kitchen Cabinet” predominantly made of your cousins and friends?

Are you not being dishonest by not apologizing to Ghanaians for the international embarrassment your plagiarised inaugural speech caused this great Nation?

Can Ghanaians be confident that you are in Control after your outfit appointed two different persons to head NADMO as Director?

Why haven’t you spoken to condemn human rights abuses that have happened at the seat of government especially the case of assault on a police officer on official duty?

When are you going to direct for the disbandment and disarmament of illegal forces in the party you lead as the Commander of all armed forces of Ghana?

What are you doing about the growing insecurity in the country 6 months after taking office?

What assurance will civil servants and judicial service workers have that, they would not be subjected to harassment by illegal forces loyal to you as witnessed within the past months?

Some of Your Appointees have indicated to provide preferential treatment to only members of your party. Are you a President for your party or President for all Citizens?

Your Spokesperson justify your Obolo Government by suggesting a lazy Civil Service. Do you really agree that Ghanaians in the Civil Service are lazy?

Why are you Sacking innocent Ghanaians, who are not catered for by the transition act from their jobs, when in fact you promised to provide jobs?

Why are you bragging with inflation coming down when it is not reflecting in declining bank interest rates? You have described it as artificial in the past!

Why would you be concerned about reducing airfares to benefit the middle and upper class of Society and yet showed little concern about other transport fares used by the masses in the lower class of society?

Are you aware prices of common commodities continue to go up astronomically despite your brag of a decreasing inflation?
How do you rate the work of the Ghana Statistical Service so far?
Is the GSS now churning out accurate data?

Why would the Vice President lie of government employing over 11000 health workers within 100 days when evidence on the ground point to the contrary?
Are you aware Ghanaians Still pay more for electricity bills than rent?
Are you aware that, contrary to your 100 day promise, Student Nurses are not drawing “full” allowances?
Are you aware that, contrary to your 100 day promise, Teacher Trainees are not drawing “full” allowances?
Are you aware that, contrary to your 100 day promise, Contractors have not been paid?
Why are you shirking your promise to pay victims of DKM and other microfinance Scams as promised in your Campaign?
Can Ghanaians say you have been dishonest by Promising not to stop galamsey only to win and surprise them with forceful eviction as if they are criminals?
Are you not being dishonest by implementing a Progressive Free SHS Education policy as against the Universal free SHS policy you promised Parents in your Campaign upon which you procured this mandate?
Have you redefined Basic School to include SHS such that SHS becomes the terminating point as you promised?
Will all graduating students from Basic School have admission into SHS this academic year?
Can you assure Ghanaians that from the beginning of the next academic year, No parent will pay fees for their ward in SHS in fulfillment of your Campaign Promise?
Are you waiting till the third or final year of your mandate to implement a Universal free SHS policy to deceive Ghanaians to renew your mandate?
Why will you brag with removing “ghost names” from the Public Payroll only for worker unions to agitate and expose such a propaganda?
Why have you reduced the statutory allocation to the DACF and yet claim you are committed to developing the Districts?
Despite claims of paying NHIS service providers, are you aware, subscription and utilization have started dropping?
Why has government stopped working on ongoing critical infrastructure like hospitals and polyclinics?
Why have you adopted an incompetent and inefficient procedure for retrieving state assets?
What is your commitment to uniting the country when you sponsor harassment on agents of the previous administration?
Do Ghanaians see a U turn on your principles of borrowing when within just 6months, you have borrowed over 13.5 billion Ghana Cedis which translates to approximately 2.3 billion Ghana Cedis a month?
Why haven’t you established an automatic mechanism for transfer of statutory funds to designated agencies such as the Ghana Education Trust Fund (GETFund), District Assemblies Common Fund (DACF) and NHIS as stipulated by law and as promised in your Campaign?
Why are you seeking for the extension of the IMF facility to the end of next year when you had heavily criticised your predecessor for signing on when there were alternatives?
Have you suddenly misplaced your economic alternatives to the IMF programme you touted during the Campaign?
Can you tell Ghanaians when you will be passing the Right To Information Bill as you promised since your MPs did not cooperate in passing it under the previous Parliament?

Are you not concerned about the biggest bond Scam of all time under your administration?
Does your government reference to critics of the “Ofori Atta Bond scam” as ignorant answer the critical questions of conflict of interest, non-competitiveness and prior parliamentary approval?

Fuel prices have gone up by a net of about 20% within the last 6 months months. Are we going to see a net decrease?

Ghanaians are still paying high water bills. Is there hope for a decrease?

Can you tell Ghanaians how many Graduates are going to get jobs this year?
Has the scrapping of the 50 pesewa Assembly market toll paid by Kayeye’s taken them off the street or provided shelter for them?
Were you not aware of what was meant by automobile “Spare parts” prior to waiving import duty on them in the 2017 budget? Your Government has now redefine Automobile spare parts and negotiated a list of proposed candidates.
Was Government not aware of the Ecowas ECT before making a general declaration of removing import duties on spare parts in your 2017 budget?
Even when Ghanaians are aware the Cedi is on temporary steroids, You still continue to take undue credit for “arresting and locking depreciation and giving the keys to the IGP”. Can you be truthful to Ghanaians why the “depreciation of the cedi” has soon break jail?
Why is the government weakening most state institutions by reducing the percentage of IGF they can retain and use for their operations? Most state institutions have been affected including blood banks.
Is the reduction of corporate tax from 25% to 20% not a priority anymore?
Where is the Fiscal Responsibility Act you made so much noise about?
Are you not committed to Fiscal Discipline as a priority anymore?
When are you restoring the allowances of Arabic teachers too?
When are you starting the teaching and learning of Arabic in Ghanaian Schools?
When are Ghanaians going to benefit from a review of all taxes and levies imposed by MDAs, including Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies on businesses as promised?
Are you aware Property rates and tolls in the various MMDAs have been increased astronomically?

Are you aware that the AMERIgroup you criminalized and passed judgement on as corruptly procured is the same company that funded some aspects of the investigations by the biased Committee commissioned by the Energy minister to investigate the deal?
Can you please tell Ghanaians which Energy contracts have been reviewed for which the citizenry was invited to celebrate some savings as achievement within the first 100 days?
What have you done to protect undocumented citizens living abroad especially those in School?
Is your call for Ghanaians living in abroad to come home your policy solution to the challenges they face outside Ghana?
Do you still stand by your promise of popularly electing MMDCEs after 24 months of your tenure?
If you are still committed to such a decade old promise of electing MMDCES, what initiative have u triggered in your first 6 months to give some hope of realizing the promise?
Are you aware, for the first time in 21st Century Ghana, essential mandatory vaccines for babies like Polio and yellow fever are in short of supply for the past three weeks? Most babies born within the month have no access to these vaccines.
Have you improved the plight of the cocoa farmer by replacing the free fertilizer policy by making them buy a bag for 80Ghc?
Are you not taking money from the pocket of the poor cocoa farmer rather than making their lives better?
Why have you declared not to pay cocoa farmers bonuses or increase their producer price despite a stabilization fund created by your predecessor?
Are you aware You could not fight the recent army worm invasion despite huge monies spent by MoFA on awareness and ineffective insecticides?
Your Northern Regional Chairman has made very damning accusations that bothers on corruption and murder involving some Key members of your Government. Why are you acting like you haven’t heard about it?
What is your position on Gitmo 2?
Are you sending the two ex-Gitmo detainees back or you now realize the John Mahama government did not put the country under threat of terror by accepting them?
Are you aware your Attorney General Supported the position of the Previous Government in the Supreme Court case against their stay in Ghana?

When are you forming Governing boards of SOEs and other relevant state institutions to ensure their proper functioning?
Is it not surprising that you haven’t been able to form these boards especially after declaring to Ghanaians that you were in a hurry to cause a change?
Why is the BOST CEO at post despite such a monumental Scandal for which civil society and Ghanaians have spoken much against?
Is the BOST Boss still at post because he has been identified as one of your major financiers?
Are you giving our natural resources to the Chinese to mine in exchange of money?
Where is your “believe in Ghana” mantra when you are not concerned about developing the capacities of Ghanaians to harness our natural resources but give them cheaply to the Chinese?
To be truthful as President, Is China giving Ghana 15billion USD or more in exchange for nothing or there is some arrangement for Ghana to pay?
With all your 110 ministers and other appointees, do you still need two ambassadors at-Large to run your foreign and local errands for you?
How are you solving the menace of herdsmen destroying farms of farmers in some parts of the country?
As a President of Ghana, why are you engaged in punitive mass transfers of some civil servants in the YEA and other State agencies?
Why have you inaugurated committees to identify district projects when there are MMDAs and RCCs? Are you running parallel structures?
Are you not being hypocritical anytime you invite the citizenry to celebrate foreign Aids, big and small, yet speak about self-reliance at every international platform you mount?
No new Region have been created despite your promise to have them done within 6 months. Are you going to apologise?
Are you not wasting national resources in an effort of creating new Regions which may not see the light of day?
How many times have you travelled outside the country both for private and official duties within the 6 months you became President?
What have you done so far to give hope to “the farmer who struggles to feed his family and send his children to school, but does not know, whether having made that sacrifice to pay the bills, his children will even be able to get a job at the end of their studies”? Farmers plight have worsen!! You said it was because of these people you contested!! (page iv, NPP 2016 Manifesto).
What have you done so far to give hope to “the mother of the sick child, who has to walk miles on the dusty road to the clinic to get medicine only to be turned away because the clinic will not accept her NHIS card and she has no money to pay”? Your road minister says no new roads would be done!! And your health minister does not know when NHIS payments would be done!! You said it was because of these people you contested!! (page iv, NPP 2016 Manifesto).
What have you done so far for “the young man and woman who, through no fault of their own, have had to drop out of school and cannot find a way out of life’s difficulties”? Your minister for education says free SHS is for only students who wrote 2017 BECE!! You said it was because of these people you contested!! (page iv, NPP 2016 Manifesto).
What have you done so far for “the young man who, because of financial circumstances at home, never had the opportunity to go to school and is now sleeping rough on the streets of Accra”? Again such young men are not eligible to enjoy free SHS!! You said it was because of these people you contested!! (page iv, NPP 2016 Manifesto).
What have you done so far for “the youth who have worked hard at school, or the University, but still cannot find a job when they leave. They become street hawkers and even open roadside shops, but they struggle to survive because the falling cedi raises the costs of their goods. Their shops also close because they cannot afford electricity bills”? The Cedi is falling, Electricity bills are still up and those graduates are still home!! You said it was because of these people you contested!! (page iv, NPP 2016 Manifesto).

What have you done so far for “that young woman whose wages can barely cover her transport fares to and from work and her share of the one bedroom she shares with her friend”. Transport fares continue to go up and rent is still on the high!! You said it was because of these people you contested!! (page iv, NPP 2016 Manifesto).
What have you done so far for “the kayayei who have no opportunities or shelter and are forced to sleep on the streets of our cities”? Those Kayayeis are still on our streets!! You said it was because of these people you contested!! (page iv, NPP 2016 Manifesto).

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