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Zita Okai Koi Former NDC MP says she left ex-husband because he was a womaniser and irresponsible

The former Tourism Minister under the John Mills’ administration, Zita Okai Koi has been explaining why she left her ex-husband, Mr Andrew Okaikoi.

Zita got married last two weeks and many have since raised concerns as to what could have happened to her previous relationship.

But the ex-wife of the failed National Democratic Congress (NDC) parliamentary candidate for Okaikoi North Constituency has been quoted as saying “I did not abandon him. He was sleeping with everything in skirt and having babies all around. So, to say I abandoned him is denigrating my character and twisting the truth.

“So, he abandoned us. Ask him if he knows what his kids eat or wear? That is abandonment. Not the other way around’. She fires back. Maybe you should have reported he got married three months ago instead of talking about abandonment
“Did he tell you about all the kids he had while we were married? Did he tell you about the kids he had while we were separated? The physical and verbal abuses? … Am sure if I were your sister you would have been happy for me to stay. Birds of the same feathers”

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