None of the persons aspiring to lead the NDC in the 2020 election is capable of out competing John Mahama in the party’s presidential candidate election. John Mahama is still the face of the NDC. No one else is capable…No one has the capability of challenging John Dramani Mahama now. Technically and practically, there is no competition…John Mahama shall emerge the winner of the flagbearership race. The most intriguing question is this: why are people wasting time and resources when it is very obvious that John Mahama will win the competition hands down.

If all the other aspirants form an alliance to challenge John, they will still lose terribly. My focus is on post primaries activities, and the Npp.

Ghanaians felt that as soon as Akufo Addo came to power, they would feel some relief. Ghanaians were promised milk and honey by candidate Akufo Addo and his Npp.But from all indications, John Mahama’s government is far far better than the current administration. Meanwhile, the prices of all goods and services in Ghana have gone up. What is the big deal about this government? It’s indeed the tradition of any political party to make its mark from the first year and the second year in office, as the third and fourth years are for politicking and rigorous campaigning. For every result oriented politician, the first and second years are enough to make headway, while the remaining two years are for politicking. Based on this reality, Ghanaians including the NDC delegates have no alternative but to talk to Akufo Addo and tell him the truth by bringing on board the most popular politician in Ghana ( John Mahama) to kick him out.
Ghanaians are not ready for experimentation and lotto business. The battle ahead is not about peoples self interest and aggrandizement. Young comrades who were sacked from our public institutions are not ready for laboratory experiments, the bankers who lost their jobs as a result of this government’s bad policies are not ready for any try your luck move, owners of collapsing businesses are not ready for internal experimentation. All they yearning and craving for is power. The person who can easily dislodge the super incompetent president and his government is John Dramani Mahama.

Why is the Npp wasting time and resources on its anti Mahama agenda? Why are they moving left right center to make the John Mahama comeback impossible? Why are they comfortable with the coming on board of the other aspirants? These are the questions we should be asking ourselves as we prepare our fingers for the coming internal elections.

The more we respond to those baseless, weak and bogus accusations and attacks on John Mahama, the more important they become. The focus must be on the bigger picture (The Npp) and how to bring all the internal forces together for the ultimate agenda.

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