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Zanetor Is Distraction Within NDC

There is an uneasy calm within the camp of the embattled NDC parliamentary candidate for Klottey Korley. The credible source from within say the source of the tension is due partly to what some members are beginning to suspect – Zanetor is just an extension of a plot by the Rawlings’ family when they lured hardworking young men of the Party who until the formation of NDP were misled to believe they were fighting for a genuine course to put the NDC on track. They realized almost too late that it was all about one person’s ego and ambition to be President that the whole family either partly or wholly supported.

Since the NDP Congress at the Trade Fair, it has been revealed by our source that many members have been ashamed and therefore have avoided a couple of meetings the team has called recently.

After their recent media blitz over a Supreme Court judgement, the source said a plan was hatched at their retreat from court to smear some top government officials who they suspect are not sympathetic to their case. They were of the view that if they accused these innocent and loyal Party members of threatening and attempting to eliminate some of its members they could win more sympathy and also frighten their retreating supporters to bond in solidarity with each other.

Top on the list to smear according to our deep throat source is Dr. Valerie Sawyer who the team believes is the most unyielding opposition to Zenator’s challenged victory at the polls. They also listed some top Government appointees with Ga Adanme roots as well as former appointees of the late Prof Mills from the Volta Region who they claim are against their candidate because they have not forgiven her father, Mr Rawlings, for the mental torture he visited on the late President.

Our source says many team members frequently seek assurance from each other if they can trust Mr. and Mrs. Rawlings and if Miss Zanetor Agyeman Rawlings will not be the trojan horse.

It will be recalled that Mrs Konadu Agyeman Rawlings who always wanted to lead the NDC even before her husband named Prof Mills as his succesor in Swedru, clandestinely supported Mr Eddie Anan and deceived Dr Spio Gabrah to contest against Prof. Mills at the NDC legon Congress in 2006 and later craftly put up herself to first be elected as the Party’s Vice Chairman in Tamale on a deceptive message of reorganising the Party.

The genuine frustrations of some Party young folks were later to be harvested in the formation of a Friends of Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings (Fonkar). A vehicle she used with subtle backing of her family to torment President Mills’ Government until she contested against him and was squarely beaten at the Sunyani Congress, which led to her break away from the NDC to form the NDP.

GhanaPoliticsOnline.Com source says she remains bitter and feels undeserving people are profiting from the sweat of her family and has vowed to bring down the roof on them. Some members of Zanetor’s team are beginning to feel uncomfortable with her interest in her daughter’s campaign when it is clear to them she doesn’t wish the Party well.

One of the team members who said he spoke with Michael Teye Nyaunu says the former MP regrets that the former first lady exploited and used them to achieve her selfish gains and cautioned them to be careful in dealing with the Rawlings’ household.

With the team running out of luck with its team members who are seeing through the possible plan, some stubborn members have been directed to launch a media attack on their perceived detractors and blame them for their troubles with the hope that they can exploit some sympathy from the Party high and mighty.
Stay tuned for more.

Source: Ghanapoliticsonline.Com

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