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YEA deletes 16,839 ‘ghosts’ from payroll

The Youth Employment Agency has deleted 16,839 from its payroll.

An audit of the roll detected that the deleted names were fraudulently added.

At a press conference on Wednesday, 7 June, Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the YEA, Mr Justice Frimpong, said government will save beyond GHC20 million as a result of the deletion of the names.

The YEA’s human resource department undertook the audit following the detection of discrepancies in the wages of beneficiaries.

According to the YEA, while multiple beneficiaries were found to be using the same E-zwich numbers for the payment, there were also some huge unexplained arrears since May 2016.

Also some of the busted ghosts had no appointment letters while those with letters either had no signatures on them or had faked the signature of the acting CEO.

Furthermore, some of the affected beneficiaries were overage.

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