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International Women’s Day Message from Dr Mrs Catherine Deynu, Deputy National Women Organiser, NDC

On the occasion of International Women’s Day , I extend warm wishes to all mothers in the world for the exceptional role they play in spinning the wheel of progress within our homes, our communities and our nation as a whole.

I extend heartiest congratulations, particularly to all mothers in Ghana on this special day for being exemplars of that unique and great gift of motherhood.

The unconditional love they shower, not just on their own children, but on those of others; their unlimited patience forgiveness, selflessness are but few of the qualities for which I salute all mothers.

May this Mother’s Day, witness an outpouring of love and appreciation for all mothers in Ghana. They represent the finest of human virtues, the ones needed to be preserved for all humanity.

For all of the above and much more, mothers are irreplaceable and extraordinary today we celebrate their immeasurable gift It is a day to pay them homage whether dead or alive.

We are eternally indebted to our mothers but for them we are not where we are today, they are our keystones and our cornerstones. There can be no substitute for mother’s, there is no mother in the market to purchase for love and devotion.
Everyday, Mothers play the pivotal role of raising moulding and uniting families and communities, to build a bright future for their children to become responsible leaders.

This life-long process requires an innate ability to be selfless and to extend love beyond the bonds of mother and child even further to include all members of our communities hence the nation.

On this Mother’s Day, I congratulate every mother, specifically our mother Dr. Nana Mrs Lordina Mahama, First Lady of the republic of Ghana for her hard work, sacrifice and sheer determination to ensure the positive development of our nation.

Have a wonderful Mother’s day.

Dr Mrs. Catherine Deynu, Deputy National Women Organiser, NDC

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