Even the avowed haters of Former President John Mahama are hard put to deny his virtually unassailable position. No other politician internal or national is even near to threatening him. Happenings in the country, the constituencies, work places, public transports point to the fact that the coming internal contest and general election is his to lose.

His latest political triumph was winning support of chiefs, pastors, civil society organizations, traders, freight forwarders, some Npp stalwarts and formidable rival groups in the constituencies. Some of the aspirants have started losing their credible members to the Mahama camp. The Mahama juggernaut rolls on. With the traders, pastors, nurses, freight forwarders and credible and leading members of the other aspirants camp joining hands with him, the talk of Mahama being on course to win his comeback move has become louder. Internally, there is no doubt about his election as the flag bearer as there’s no one to challenge him.

A #Step2Newwork# recent report on the trustworthiness of governments, shows that 75% of Ghanaians who hitherto rejected Mahama, have changed their position and 95% of his party’s supporters have faith in him. This, despite his opponents and internal critics singling him out for certain decisions he took in office. Despite it all, Mahama remains the most popular politician in his party and in Ghana.

If Ghanaian politics is entering a new era of NDC dominance, it is partly maybe largely because ordinary Ghanaians including die hard supporters of the Npp have lost lost confidence in Akufo Addo and his government- because the Akufo Addo government has failed to fulfill its promises-because corruption has increased astronomically Akufo Addo-because they’ve not been able to substantiate the allegations they levelled against Mahama and his appointees.

What should worry his internal and external opponents is that Mahama has managed to outmanoeuvre them on every fault line of politics..his opponents are simply not finding an issue on which to outflank him so have resorted to peddling of lies and propagation of childish propaganda.

The NDC has become a truly Pan-Ghana party, very attractive because of Mahama’s achievements within four years. But what is even more alarming for the opposition is that the NDC has expanded its social base.

No election anywhere is a foregone conclusion, least of all in Ghana. But what Mahama and the NDC can bank on is the state of the ruling party and government ; a divided, rudderless, ragtag bunch, corrupt, bunch of arrogant souls with no coherent vision.

One of the first opposition politicians to voice the thought that Mahama’s victory in 2020 was inevitable was Dr Frempong. After watching a video of the former President’s visit to Kumasi, he tweeted : “At this rate we might as well forget 2020 and start planning /hoping for 2024”

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