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Is there anyone close to former President John Mahama who may be reading this open apology letter? Please tell him that one his ardent critics is seeking for his forgiveness.

I am asking for forgiveness for the reasons I have itemized below

1. Mahama is Corrupt-

President Mahama, I was among the people who constantly insulted you and your government on Radio, social media and other public platforms. I shared stories of fake corruption allegations against you and your government on my timeline, sent text messages to television and radio stations and crucified you everywhere I get the opportunity. Little did I know that compared to what we see today under my government, your appointees were pickpockets. Under the watch of the man I once described as incorruptible

-Appointees use Ghc 800,000 to install one website

-Finance Minister and his business allies issued $2.25 billion bond

-Expatriate business magnates are charged between $25,000 and $100,000 to sit close to the President

-People are charged between $20,000 and $30,000 to see the President

-Contaminated fuel is sold to unlicensed marketing companies

-Fuel evaporates rampantly

-The President is always ready to shield corrupt officials in his government

-I just read about the Maritime boss saga

-government officials use hundreds of millions of cedis to buy mansions outside.

-government appointees allocate between $10,000 and $300,000 to themselves for their clothes and accommodation

Mr Mahama,

I voted against you because of these allegations, nepotism, your wife was in charge of government contracts, inflated cost of projects and deceiving Ghanaians with your Photoshop projects in your greenbook.

I was among those that lampooned you appointing your family members into your government when in fact had no evidence to support that allegation. I later found out that that allegation was false. My President, Nana Akufo-Addo has appointed more than 40 family members into his administration

-Has appointed his daughter into his government

-His cousin is the Finance Minister

-His Vice has also appointed given his in-laws juicy appointments

-His wife is the one in charge of giving government contracts

-His cousins are the ones controlling activities at the Jubilee House

-They have taken over the party’s machinery

On the Photoshop projects,

I got confused when I saw my President, Nana Akufo Addo commission projects we described as photoshop. I bowed my head when I heard my MP Adwoa Safo make claims that she was the one who initiated the construction of the community day secondary school in our constituency. I felt very sad when my President tried to take credit for the Wa water project. Oh, I said sorry to Mahama when I heard news that the Ridge Hospital and other projects we lampooned in opposition were being recommissioned by the President and the sector ministers.


This story got me angry and at a point, didn’t want to hear the name Mahama again. So, I decided to make my own checks through the internet and friends in Japan and Dubai. I am still on my fishing expedition. Then came the news that the wife was putting up a warehouse at the flagstaff house. We are in government with all the security and investigative agencies under our command but have still not provided evidence to support that allegation.

And what about your private jet Mr Mahama? We were told you own a private jet. We are yet to see that private jet. I concluded that you are corrupt and selfish because of that false allegation.

Fuel and the Cedi-

We were made to believe that you are the most heartless President in the Ghana’s history. We are now being told that you purchased those aircrafts for the state

Ibrahim’s merchant Bank story got me fired up. I got confused when I heard that the so called Ibrahim merchant Bank had donated $100,000 to the government to support its programmes

The Cedi is still playing tricks with my government.

The unemployment situation has deteriorated. The figure has increased with more unemployed graduates joining the old stock.

Allawa ooooo Allawa, we were told that “sika no wohc”. We were promised good jobs not seasonal jobs. They told us you don’t want employ us because of your IMF bail out. They assured us they will move out of the agreement to enable them employ the jobless. Almost two years and we still dancing with the IMF. The allowances are not going, graduates are sitting at home, nurses are demonstrating, teachers now going to do national service after their license exams

In the light of the above, Mr Mahama, find it in your heart to forgive me. I allowed myself to be deceived by smooth talkers and propagandists. People who hid under a hypnotic change mantra to deceive the minds of the simple. They promised to reduce fuel prices, give $1 million to each constituency, one district one factory, build 350 new secondary schools, one village one dam, low utilities, free port, remove taxes, free chocolate drink, create permanent jobs, stamp out corruption, build theatre in all districts. Who wouldn’t fall for these lofty things?

But alas, since they kicked you aside, things have gotten worse in every front.

Mr Mahama, I am truly sorry.

Ernest Danso

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