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Why Captain Mahama was in Diaso, the community he was lynched

Military Officer Captain Maxwell Adam Mahama was sent to Denkyira Obuasi to head a platoon of about 30 soldiers three weeks ago.

He was sent to the area to replace the then commander of the platoon who was due to write promotional exams.

A platoon is a military unit typically composed of two or more squads, sections or patrols.

According to the Chief of Defense Staff (CDS), on the day he was murdered, he went jogging to familiarise himself with the area under his jurisdiction.

Responding to a question if the lynched military officer was protecting an illegal mining site, a claim first raised by the suspended District Chief Executive Officer of the area, Lieutenant General Obed Akwa said:
“Regarding the question of whether he was on an unauthorised operation, I was at the army headquarters when this operation started and the Second Battalion of Infantry was tasked to undertake it. The reason why he was in that area for the operation was because he had been detailed to release somebody else who had to write promotional exams. That is why he was there.”

A retired Major of the Army, Osahene Boakye-Djan, has also questioned why Captain Mahama chose to go jogging alone in the community where he was murdered.

He said per military training and practice, military officers do not walk alone when away on national assignment.

Asked about it, the CDS said it is a subject of investigation.
“On the question of why he was walking alone, we are going to investigate that,” he responded.

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