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Who I Stand With? -Rev F. D-Yalley writes

Jesus had people with him but  when he needed them most, they fled.

David messed up and needed his nation to stand with him. Well, some did and others did not (like Prophet Ahitophel) because to them, David was guilty

Joseph was put in prison for a crime he never committed.

Yes I know all things work for good but enough of judging people when we have not heard from them or even known them  personally.

We are happily destroying people and yet when we come to the knowledge of the  truth, we keep spreading the lies and eventually destroy our own reputation.

Men of God go through trials; no wonder Jesus said “you are the ones that have been with me  during my trials.”

A nation is made of people and it is the people who make a nation what it is.

If we cannot stand with people then what are we as a people?

The bible did say Jesus had no reputation and yet he was God.

You might destroy a person’s reputation but you can never destroy his works

Digitizing The Church

Years ago, it was evil to play a set of drums in church since it was of a foreign culture and all  churches that did so were termed  demonic.

We called a church that played drums and guitar as a disco church. Fast forward, today, the critics use it.

Then came the generation of speaking in diverse TONGUES. If you were in a church that spoke in tongues, you were demonic. Fast forward, now, the critics do it.

Now, it is the digitization of churches and as usual, many are lambasting the church.

It’s okay to sign a cheque for a church but evil to electronically wire it by short code?

It is okay to run an advert on RADIO but do it on social media and come and see many who  will come up to insult you and brand you evil

If you advertise a miracle service, you are fake because Jesus did Not do social media?

If you say all should sign- up to be prayed for in order to have a miracle, you are evil because you can’t do that.

But it is okay when Jesus says, ‘come to me all ye that are heavy laden and I will give you rest’ ?

Guess what? The world cannot teach us how to serve and praise our God! We have a mandate to go to the world and preach the Gospel as sheep among wolves.  We are not called to make them understand but to make them believe.

The preaching of the cross will always be foolish to the natural man.

Currently, everything the world trusted has failed; socialism, capitalism and you name them and yet the church stands tall.

Church, there is coming a great transfer to the church and we need to come together ever than before.

Note, Pharoah will also not want you to go too far With God.

Pharaoah will not want you to serve God with your substance.

Pharaoh will also want you enslaved. 

But a delivered will go to the world and insist the people of God go and serve him

No one has been able to fight this gospel and no one can do so.

The world should wait we just begun.

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