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We, the members of Friends of the umbrella, Bolgatanga Central constituency has noted with a serious concern, an
article published on Ghanaweb on 25th November, 2017) in which a group calling itself Concern Voters Movement
is alleged to have said that, we the voters in the Bolgatanga central constituency in the upper east region made a big
mistake by voting for Hon. Isaac Adongo as our Member of parliament. Link to the said article:

We, the constituents of Bolgatanga Central never made a mistake by voting Hon. Isaac Adongo as our MP and we
have absolutely nothing to regret about him. Indeed, we are very proud of him for the good work he is doing for
mother Ghana. We want to put it on record that, we consider their statement not only as a hypocritical attack on the
member of parliament but also an attack and an insult on the intelligence of the majority of well descending
Ghanaians in Bolgatanga central constituency who knew the competence of our MP before voting him into

Either, concern voters movement did not understand the Honorable member of parliament or they are being hurt
politically by the reality of what he said in his reaction to the 2018 budget statement. Hon. Isaac Adongo never said
that, he did not understand the Finance Minister’s English but that, the statement was a mere compilation of lengthy
and boring grammar to them as members of parliament and that , it was meant to cover up the crux of the issues as
they are on the ground. If they want to be heard in the media on politics, they should find things in the governance of
this country which are very relevant to the well being of the ordinary Ghanaian.

And in case they do not know the areas that need pertinent attentions, they can read and make their public statement
on Political vigilantism taking over Ghana under Akufo Addo government, The extreme turn around borrowing by
the Akufo Addo government and the rising public debt, The RFM (remove and fix members” style of creating
employment by the NPP, The whereabouts of the one village one dam, one district one factory, one constituency one
million US dollars per year, The continuous rising of cost of living, Ghana overtaking US and UK with a scandalous
GhanaPost Address system and the ever highest Corruption under the Akuffo Addo/Bawumia government.
and many others are the pertinent issues affecting the lives of Ghanaians and need to be addressed.

It must be pointed out that, well descending Ghanaians and experienced economists, both local and international do
understand, appreciate and can attest that, Hon. Isaac Adongo is a very experienced economist that is making
Ghana very proud by advancing pragmatically excellent in the economic discourse of this country.
We know that, it
is only people like Mr. Razak Kojo Opoku, groups like Concerned Voters Movement and the NPP government who
are very uncomfortable with the way Hon. Isaac Adongo is exposing their incompetence and their PhD holder’s 419
and ‘Wahala’ budget. If Hon. Isaac Adongo is yet worming up in parliament and they are worried and confused, what
of if he is in his full force? The NPP should better humble themselves and go to him for practical consultation on
economics, or better still, they can bring their PhD holders for attachment after they complete their course of studies.
This will give them the experience to be able to manage their gross incompetence. Ghanaians are suffering and
regretting the exit of NDC in the last elections. This is why there is that loud cry for the return of a better Ghana
agenda under the NDC in 2020.
Thanks very much.

1. Adongo John Jonah
2. Agorigo David
(Communication officer)
Tel. No. 0209065522
3. Francis Adingo
( Secretary)
Tel. No. 0208941434
4. Michael Ayine
(Dep. Organizer)
Tel. No. 0207096377
Cc: All media houses

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