War Plot By Nana Addo Foiled

Okoto Menka writes

Must You personally kill before you know how violent you are Are William Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo?

Your plot to create war in Ghana was stopped by prayers, security apparatus and general good will of all Ghanaians including well meaning NPP followers. We don’t owe our peace to you. You couldn’t have burnt Ghana and you won’t be allowed to may be in NPP as it is evidential for the past 8 years since you became their leader.


Adu Boahen contest Rawlings and lost but there was peacehttp://ghanapoliticsonline.com

Kuffour contest Rawlings and lost but there was peace

Mill contested Kuffour and lost all two attempts there was peace.

Mills contested with Nana Addo, Nana lost but there were flashes of mayhem

JM contested with Nana Addo and Nana Addo lost, there was almost blown out chaos with increased flashes of chaos

Nana Addo is contesting JM and chaos has reach higher levels….

These alone defeat Nana Addo’s assertion he is a man of peace. Is he more special than Adu Boahen, Kuffour and Late Mills?

Adu Boahen, Kuffor, and Mills never pronounced,

Militants on our side will respond, Atiwa koraa ye kyere biribi kakra woho, this election all die be die.

Close associates to Nana Addo made the following and he never condemned them

If Nana Addo does not win the 2012 election Afghanistan – Karbo

Pestles we don’t license, used it to hit people – SAMMY Awuku

Use machete on Ewes in Ashanti region, I declare war – Ken Agyapong

This man slapped a man and I duff my hat to him – Ursula

All die be die become a chant for NPP courtesy Nana Addo

In the NPP Nana Addo showed his support for division in 1979 when his uncle broke rank with the NPP back then.

Adu Boahen and Kuffour contest but there was not deep seated internal enmity, animosity, etc,

Nana Addo contest with Kuffour and it was fiercest, we remember Nana Addo saying Kuffour was old.

Nana Addo contest other 16 and that was the beginning of chaos in NPP.

NPP has seen the most bloody party chaos than any flagbearer of the UP/NPP

Party men have died, consistent free fall all bloody clashes at a whole party headquarters

Most shocking suspension in number ever supervised by Nana Addo in UP/NPP history

He has supervised the biggest over expenditure of resources in elections which really did not produce results

Nana Addo the events and pronouncement of chaos which you have never condemn a Single one, betrays your ” I am peaceful man”. Even when opportunity presented itself with great opinion leaders in Kumasi to speak against violence, condemn your own and appeal for peace you failed.
You held Obra spot hostage and in broad day light NPP members subjected onlookers to beatings, taxi drivers had their screens broken, journalists were not spared. This was the day you publicly refused to accept defeat of the 2012 election. That day before your own eyes people suffered your elephant mayhem
Your brand and packaging is more violent in practice than peaceful.

You have become the political figure in Africa synonymous with violence.

Prove us wrong.

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