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Purpose of the Heritage Fund:
Is a fund saved for the future/Unborn Generation

1. To use the Heritage Fund to saved the collapsed economy that was created by the NDC Administration

2. To use the Heritage Fund to service debts, solve economic challenges and dumsor as results of corruption, wastage of financial resources and mismanagement by John Mahama Administration.

The Critical Questions to be answered by the NDC:

1. Did the future Generation caused the collapsed of the Economy, dumsor and the Debts during the era of NDC Government?

2. What direct and indirect benefit would the future Generation derived from the usage of the Heritage Fund to service the debts and solve dumsor which were created by an irresponsible older generation(NDC Administration)?

1. To use the Heritage Fund to Finance the Education(Sustainable Free SHS) of the Future Generation. This will help to reduce illiteracy, improve our future human resources development and empowerment. Ensure Enlightenment of the Fathers and mothers for our unborn Generation.

2. To use the Heritage Fund to increase accessibility and Quality Education for the current Generation to become enlightened and responsible Fathers and mothers to our unborn Generation.

3. To use the Heritage Fund to create employment and job opportunities for the Youth who are the Future mothers and fathers to the unborn Generation.

Honestly, my view is that, the NPP would like to use the Heritage Fund in a RIGHTFUL MANNER(Purposeful Investment) to secure a better and prosperous future for the unborn Generation.

Whereas the NDC intended to WRONGLY(Useless Expenditure) used the Heritage Fund to just service debts, cushioned the collapsed economy and solved Dumsor which were by their own creation as result of the Syndrome of Financial Irregularities(Naked Corruption)

NDC has NO Case.

The Heritage Fund must be used wisely to provide Educated and Employed Future Fathers and Mothers to our unborn Generation.

Razak Kojo OPOKU
(CVM Founder & President)

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