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Only Truth and integrity can ensure peace- JJ Rawlings

Former President Jerry John Rawlings has re-echoed the critical roles of chiefs in ensuring peace and enriching national discourse saying these can only achieved through the demonstration of integrity and truth even at the risk of any political disadvantage.

He noted that the African has adopted democracy from the text book without recognizing and appreciating the good qualities and values of democracy in our culture.

Former President Rawlings was addressing the mini Hogbetsotso Festival of the Anlo State at Tadzewu of Afife Traditional Area.

The occasion was also used to install Former President Rawlings as “TORGBUIGA NUTIFAFA FIA” for the entire Anlo State.

The mini Hogbetsotso festival of the Anlo Ewes is the annual prelude to the main festival.

As the grand celebration is hosted at Anloga the capital of the Anlo state, the mini festival is rotated annually among the other traditional areas of the state.

The objectives of the celebration of the min Hogbetsotso is to whip up enthusiasm among the 36 Anlo communities and also to serve as a curtain raiser to ensure maximum in participations of by all the people of Anlo in remembrance of the struggles their ancestors went through to bring them to their present location from Notsie in the Republic of Togo.

The celebration therefore assembled the chiefs and people from the 36 communities of Anlo. Former President Rawlings said African nations have adopted Western democracy in such a manner that it has suffocated and eroded the respect and values inherent in their culture.

According to him we have adopted the worst Western democracy has suppressed the good qualities of our culture making the people. He said we are inculpable of containing corruption, ensuring social justice, judicial, environmental, immorality, abuse and impunity of office.

On the forthcoming elections former President Rawlings called on all political parties, the Electoral Commission, security agencies, the judiciary and the electorates to work together to achieve a peaceful, free and fair election.

The host Chief Togbui Adrakpanya, who is also the Fiaga of Afife Traditional area appealed to the Anlo State to eschew petty squabbles and forge a strong lasting bond for development and progress.

He on behalf of the people commended the government for the numerous development projects brought to Anlo State over the years towards the improvement of the lives of the people.

Togbui Adrakpanya said in order to leave memories of the celebration, fund was raised towards the upgrade of the Afife Clinic.

Togbui Adrakpanya said the unanimous decision to enstool Former President Rawlings who is a son of the land as Nutifafa fia has been informed by the fact that he was a military ruler who relinquished dictatorship and embraced democratic rule by making a peaceful handover after his term.

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