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Togbe Afede assures Ghanaians : Volta Region will remain part of Ghana

The President of the Ghana National House of Chiefs Togbe Afede XIV, has lessen the effect of the activities of the separatist group in the Volta region that seeks to secede from Ghana.

According to Togbe Afede XIV, The activities of the separatist group, he assured will amount to nothing as the people of the Volta region have no plans of any seceding from Ghana.

A ‘separatist’ movement, the Homeland Study Group Foundation have been fighting for Volta region and parts of the Northern and Upper East regions of Ghana to be declared an independent state.

Founder of the group, Charles Kormi Kudjordji, 78, with two others, Martin Asiamah Agbenu, 57 and Divine Odonkor, 65 years were brought before the Ho High Court on Thursday for ‘conspiracy to commit treason and felony.

However, addressing chiefs of the Central region in Cape Coast, Togbe Afede XIV urged all and sundry in Ghana not to inhabit fears or whatsoever because the separatist group’s activity will pose no security threat to the country.
Togbe Afede XIV also called on all Ghanaians to ignore the activities of the separatist group as they are just a minority, adding that he added, The Volta Region is happy to be part of Ghana and will forever be part of Ghana.

“I want to assure all gathered here that, that is just the work of what I’ll describe as a handful of people who have been pursuing this for so many years now. I don’t think they pose any threat to the unity of our country. I believe they were lucky to have been arrested because that appears to have given them the platform…that appears the reason why Ghanaians have heard about them left to me they should have been ignored as they’ve been done over the past years. In today’s world, size matters and that’s the reason why even some of our colonial masters who divided our countries in Africa have had reasons to come together as trading blocs. I want to assure all of us here that the Volta Region continue to remain part of the united indivisible Ghana.”

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