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Kwesi Nyantakyi should tell the country the reason for mentioning former President Mahama and the NDC in his caution statement and alleging that the received an amount of $8million from the people he described as “scammers” in his statement.

I sincerely hope the former FA boss and lawyer will show maturity and gravitas expected of a man of his calibre by telling Ghanaians the whole truth behind that barbaric action. I sincerely hope that he and his multimedia friends will apologise to former president Mahama and the NDC for their ill thought transgression to restore their shattered dignity. Many Ghanaians including sympathisers of the NDC and admirers of the former president were deeply pained and anguished by the falsehood and canards multimedia and opponents of the NDC propagated to score political points. Nyantakyi should tell the country the reason for taking the former President and his party through that painful ordeal. Having lied so brazenly that the NDC and Mr Mahama received $8 million from the scammers to fund the 2016 campaign, it is obvious that what he wrote in his statement are all false that should not be taken seriously by Ghanaians.

Nkyantakyi, as at the time he was writing his caution statement, knew that his business partners were scammers as he described them. He knew that whatever discussion they had with him was part of their ploy to get him into their trap so why did he mention the $8 million knowing very well the tension it will bring between the two parties. We did not hear or see that portion of their conversation in the video. Where and when did the scammers make that claim.

*Who advised him to insert that allegation in his caution statement

*Why did the CID or whoever furnished Joy FM with that information, picked that portion of the statement.

I am asking these harmless questions because of how government handled the matter when it broke up. The sheer crudity and falsehood government has displayed so far has dishonoured the high office. The President and his spokespersons, apart from their usual mind game tactics, have not offered Ghanaians the expected response.
Kennedy Agyepong on Asempa FM, disclosed that Anas demanded some amount of money from the President to delete the portion of the video that concerns the President. He said the video has disgraced the President. Sources close to the presidency revealed that after watching the video, the President’s aides and security advisers quickly held an emergency meetings where strategy to combat all the potential dangers were hatched including, what Sefa Kayi said on radio, and the fake Nyantakyi invitation by the police CID. According to our sources, a meeting was arranged between Nyantakyi, some security capos, a nephew and the two deputy chiefs of staffs at a place in West legon. The Vice President was supposed to be part of that meeting but was made to stay away for security reasons. The initial plan was that a private person will go for a court injunction to stop tiger eye from premiering the video. That idea was shutdown by the nephew of the President who told them that BBC and other international outlets were going to show the video. The final arrangement was that a formal request would be sent to BBC and its affiliate outlets not to show the portion concerning the President, his Vice and the appointees. It is alleged that Nyantakyi made few changes in his original statement to the police to suit the agenda hatched at the West Legon. The original plan was that he should implicate John Mahama with the $8million, a court injunction would stop tiger eye from premiering the video and in the end, the matter will turn into the usual NDC versus NPP debate with the Npp using the Mahama allegation to score political point. When the court injunction idea failed, they decided to use the media to kill the potential danger. Some journalists were allegedly contracted by the boss of zylofon and a retired captain of the army who works at the presidency to push the $8 million agenda according to our source. This sparked tension among members of Joy FM’s editorial team. Some members kicked against the idea but were shutdown. Before all these machinations, government communicators were directed not to condemn Nyantakyi. The party’s communication outfit took a different position. A meeting was held at the party’s headquarters between the retired captain and heads of the party’s communicators to pull them to their side so that tgey communicate from same position. According to our sources, the acting communication director of the party, was very furious and threatened to leave the place. The meeting ended in a stalemate according to our source. Nyantakyi was privy to all these machinations and was constantly in touch with some communicators of the party. It is alleged he held several meetings with Anthony Karbo and Asenso at different locations in the northern Region.

Our sources alleged that contrary to the Vice President’s statement that Nyantakyi is a causal friend, Kwesi dealt closely with the office of the Vice President than he did with the President’s. He, Karbo and one Ziblim were always seen at the place. According to our sources, a Turkish and Brazilian construction companies brought into the country by Nyantakyi and one Asiedu, have been awarded three juicy contracts in the three northern regions. They also revealed that a company belonging to Kwesi but not registered in his name is operating in the oil and gas industries. The sources hinted that prior to Kwesi’s trip to meet the investors, he was always with the Vice President and if the security agencies check telephone conversations between Kwesi and the President, they all the facts about the deal would be uncovered. All the requisite documentations covering the deal were being worked on until Kwesi got the hint that his negations with the investors was a scam as he rightly described. Nyantakyi, one Abu and some close associates made attempts through another highly respected person to contact Kwaku Baako to kill the story but didn’t materialise. They then sought the assistance of a guy who had been sacked by Tiger Eye but that also failed. They then resorted to the rambostyle approach. Unable to trace how he was outsmarted by the secret investigators and the unknown darkness ahead, he directed his suspicion on some of his colleagues culminating in the unwarranted removal of his Vice.

According to our sources the canals have held the Akufo-Addo government at the jugular in order to advance their selfish interest as against the welfare and interest of government and party. And hinted that in the coming days Ghanaians are going to hear more of such horrible stories. They said what has become clear is that there is now a government within the government of President Akufo-Addo that has seized the apparatus of executive powers to pursue a nefarious agenda.

The sources disclosed that the decision to dissolve the GFA was extensively discussed with Nyantakyi before the announcement. He suggested to persons to them as people he trust will cooperate with government if appointed to replace him. The statement he released was extensively discussed. He was asked to apologise in his statement to clear the President and his Vice from the mess they find themselves. He is going into the construction and oil and gas sector.

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