The People Matter Movement writes To The Canadian High Commissioner Of Ghana, Her Excellency Heather Cameron

Dear your excellency,
It was great news to hear you flew in experts from Canada to come rescue your citizens who were kidnapped weeks ago.

Today, is even more exciting to hear upon the arrival of the experts in Ghana, you have successfully rescued your citizens. This is a sign of great leadership from you and your entire Canadian government.

Your Excellency, as I write this letter, do you know our three girls from Takoradi who were kidnapped months ago before your citizens were kidnapped, are still not found? That’s the fate of being a Ghanaian citizen your Excellency.

Due to this your Excellency, can the Canadian embassy in Accra help we the poor masses in Ghana and grant every Ghanaian a Canadian citizenship? Please your Excellency, consider this as a plea of the needy Ghanaian citizens whose government doesn’t care about their security. It seems being a Canadian citizen in Ghana is more powerful than being a Ghanaian citizen in our own Motherland.

Your Excellency, however, do not include the politicians and their families/friends when you are granting the Canadian citizenship to we the ordinary Ghanaians. I say this because if the Takoradi kidnapped girls were to be family members of any NDC or NPP politician, Ghana police would have found them very quickly by now.

I conclude this letter as a sad Ghanaian and waiting for your quick reply, for I know you have a listening ear.

Dr. Sa-ad Iddrisu

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