Let me first thank the almighty God for my life and how far he has brought me ,may I again thank my wife and children for their support and I am eternally grateful to them

May I again thank the NDC members for all the opportunities given to me to have served as an assembly member , branch executive , constituency executive and as a regional appointee and now a national executive . if I weigh the plus and minuses , I believe NDC has given me more than it has gotten from me !!!

I can confidently tell you the NDC is a rewarding party that believes in hard work , dedication and loyalty . May I humbly admit that they are equally more hard working , dedicated and loyal people who couldn’t win their portfolio. I wish all of them very well and I know there are better days for all of them and I know God will make things beautiful in His own time for them.

I applaud all the executives of constituencies I visited , you promised voting and you indeed fulfilled that promise . For the constituencies I was unable to visit , yet voted for me; I appreciate you sincerely and I owe you a visit . I will never take your votes for granted

I promise not to take for granted the huge challenges you faced; yet, you made a concerted effort to cast your vote me, it is heart warming and a source of strength and encouragement to spear me on will.

We will work hand in hand to ensure victory 2020 .

For all those who didn’t have vote, yet you campaigned each day on social media , and even on the grounds to make sure I win , I appreciate you all .

For those who made financial contributions to make sure I get to the next constituency , get a place to lay my head when I am outside Accra , fuel my car , print posters and flyers etc, you were the engine of my campaign . God bless you

For those who volunteered and joined my campaign day and night , shared my flyers , pasted posters , propagated my good works etc . I have reached this feat because of you . God bless you .

It’s my prayer that God give us a long life to see many victories ahead of us .

Godwin Ako Gunn
Deputy National Communication Officer.

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