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Posts and comments by some social commentators and intellectuals on the Airbus issue further expose that they are not interested in nation building and eradication of corruption. Their comments, posts and reaction to the statement issued by the former Attorney General serve to underline the crass hypocrisy, blatant double standards and jaundiced perception and conclusions that defines a certain section of our intellectual community.

The warped analysis touted by these worthies do not conform to universal ethical standard or do they incorporate the basic tenet of fair play, equality, and justice. It is purely a partisan ideological Inquisition characterised by selective moral indignation, biased criticism and targeted unsubstantiated allegations.

Their positions, demands and complaints are not valid at all but a peeved of an arrogant cabal that has become suddenly irrelevant in the narrative of modern Ghana.

Nevertheless, some of these people have rushed to convict innocent souls via a media trial with the perverse injunction that these innocent persons are guilty unless proven innocent; an immoral stance that turns the basic premise of innocent until proven guilty on its head. Did the report mention any name? No so what were they waiting to read from the former administration? Efforts to link the former administration to these crimes by invoking the dubious and rationally challenged concept of guilt of association must be refuted categorically.

We need to have the courage and intellectual honesty to rise above our own prejudices and condemn all negatives in the system. We are forced to treat your words and posts not with pinch of salt but tons of salt and your motives will always remain suspect and your selective protestations a sham.

What has the former administration got to do with a company dealing with intermediaries? If they want to know what middlemen or intermediaries do, they should go back a re- read the famous Drill Ship scandal. In money market, for example, banks act as intermediaries between depositors seeking interest income and borrowers seeking debt capital. This is normal business arrangement.

Did the report say a government official took bribe from the company?

AirAsia for instance said it had never made any purchase decision that were premised on an Airbus sponsorship. In its statement, it also said it had not been involved with the SFOs investigation of AirBus or given any opportunity to provide clarification. “AirAsia vigorously rejects and denies any all allegations of wrongdoing” the statement said.

Using intermediaries in acquiring military aircraft and hardware was not the practice under the Mahama administration. Airbus’s deals and negotiations with its agents and intermediaries is its own matter. The President then, Mr Mahama and his appointees had no visibility on Airbus internal arrangements and processes.

Even in discussing the report, these so called intellectuals select portions they think will support their agenda. Read the whole report, objectively, scrutinize the content especially, 53 and will feel the incorruptibility of Mahama right there.

AirAsia’s statement and other statements from some of the mentioned countries do not support the baseless argument being pushed by those pro-npp intellectuals. Their empty analysis and demands only confirm the sacred fact that they are all a bunch of insensitive people who always close their eyes to negative happenings under this government including corruption, nepotism, human right abuse but will waste all their ink on unsubstantiated allegations of yesteryear’s

This invidious campaign and propaganda are being orchestrated from behind the scene and stage managed for political purpose. Where were these moralists and patriots when the 400 tricycle, PDS etc scandals broke up? We are yet to read their posts or comments on the Dr Nyatakyi’s (In-law of the President) GHC 136 billion tax waive, the missing excavators and other heartbreaking scandals

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