Stop the ugly noises, nobody is after Akufo Addo’s life

Stop the ugly noises, nobody is after akufo addo’s life: cadres tell new patriotic party

The United Cadres Front of Ghana (UCF-GHANA), have been reading statements emanating from the New Patriotic Party (NPP), the latest being the one coming from their flag-bearer’s security chief, ex-Captain Koda, to the effect that Nana Addo’s life is in danger.http://ghanapoliticsonline.com

It is unfortunate that leadership of the NPP is taking to this role of creating fear and panic in this peaceful country of ours. The party needs to be told that Nana is not an electoral threat to the National Democratic Congress and we will like to go to the polls and convincingly beat him to the glory of our party. We do not wish him dead because it will create an electoral void, depriving us of having a candidate with some formidability to beat.

It is trite to remind the NPP that H.E. President John Dramani Mahama used just three months to market himself against Nana Akufo Addo’s over one year of campaigning to beat him in the 2012 polls. The November 7 Presidential election will be to test the people’s choice in which case Nana Addo’s participation in it is very paramount.
The NDC, therefore, will be the last to wish the NPP’s candidate dead whether by natural means or the fabrication being spewed. We wish him good health from now to the day of the polls and beyond.

In that same statement, the Captain mentioned Nana Konadu as being one other person whose life is in danger. Why they have decided to rope her in, is their cup of tea but what is the rationale behind these latest negative machinations? The NPP can best tell!http://ghanapoliticsonline.com

The UCF-GHANA, wish to sound this notion to the NPP, that elections are not a do-or-die affair to the NDC. The party has proved this in Elections 2000 and 2005 when we lost. Notwithstanding the fact that the last (2005) results were questionable, the party graciously accepted the results and allowed peace to prevail and for the country to move on.

It was not the case with the NPP when they lost the last elections in 2012. We all witnessed what happened at Obra Spot when NDC supporters in party T-shirts were attacked. One was even killed wearing an NDC shirt in his car around Laborney.
Let it be told the NPP, that it was their flag-bearer who came out with this slogan which belongs to “BAD COMPANY” (apologies to Pastor Mensa Otabil) that “ALL-DIE- BE-DIE” and this belief has infected the party leading to ‘ACID BAPTISM’ which led to the death of their Upper East Regional Chairman. It is the same belief that led to the stabbing to death of one of their supporters in Kumasi.
We, however, are not surprised at their penchant of telling lies, because when the first machetes attacks in their national headquarters happened, their current embattled chairman, Mr. Paul Afoko, standing before television cameras said he knew those who were behind the attacks and pointed his finger at the NDC. The same person now sees the attacks to have come from his own party activists known as the “Invisible Forces” which he knew from day one but chose to peddle falsehood.

The UCF-GHANA, wish to warn the NPP, that if their internal fight has now reached a point where their presidential candidate’s life is being targeted – they should leave the National Democratic Congress out of their plots.
Our humble advice and alert to the NPP is that the Elephant is now standing on clay-legs and may sooner than later crumble on its belly. The earlier they fix iron legs to it – the better for them than to keep peddling the unthinkable. Y’ano asi.

Comrade Efanam Nyaku
(Secretary to the Interim Management Committee, UCF-GHANA)

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