Stop the ignorance and ‘palmwine business’ talk- BLAY replies Togbe Afede

The President of the National House of Chiefs, Togbe Afede XIV has received a response from the National Chairman of the New Patriotic Party, Freddie Blay over the former’s comments on the latter’s 275 buses for the NPP, asking if Togbe Afede was a ‘palmwine tapper’ when he made huge money as a Chief and a Businessman.

Togbe Afede waded into the allegations of vote-buying against Freddie Blay’s buying of 275 buses only days to the NPP Conference with 100 arriving earlier. The revered Volta Chief said it is good Martin Amidu is looking into the matter as corruption is Africa’s bane.

“Maybe he (Afede) got his money from selling palmwine to get there” Freddie Blay jabbed.

According to Freddie Blay, he is worried someone ‘like Togbe Afede has come in’, as he (Togbe Afede) is a businessman himself. He said Togbe Afede is ignorant of what he talking about.

“It is silly. I am sorry to use that words. For people to think like that, I find it disturbing”. he said.

“My only worry is that an individual like Togbe Afede has come in … mentioning it. Former President Mahama has come in from a different angle. Togbe Afede says what? He says perception of corruption and vote-buying. Maybe he doesn’t understand what he is talking about.” Mr Blay said.

“In his position as president of the House of Chiefs in this country, maybe from nowhere he has also risen to become a businessman. He has become a big businessman in this country. He has never asked for loans. Maybe he got his money from selling palmwine to get there” Freddie Blay jabbed.

Togbe Afede had told attendees of the general meeting of the house of chiefs that the purchase of the 275 buses by Mr Blay must be a matter of concern to the country.

“Some time ago it was one party building a multi-million headquarters. We all sat down and did not complain. More recently, some aspiring chairman of a party is buying 275 vehicles. These are matters that should attract Nananom’s attention. I am happy at least the latest one has attracted the attention of the Special Prosecutor,” Togbe Afede said.

Togbe Afede spoke strongly against corruption and abuse of office:

“Africa loses $148 billion a year to corruption. Ghana’s share of that is about $3 billion a year, several times the amount of aid we receive every year. This means that if we can kill canker we will not need the aid that we receive every year. The best way of achieving the president’s vision of Ghana Beyond Aid is to kill corruption,” Togbe Afede jabbed Blay.

But Freddie Blay was not happy about it at all

“It is a very foolish question for people to ask… It is a very silly thing to say” Freddie Blay said

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