Stop attacking Mahama – Pratt tells critics

Veteran Journalist, Kwasi Pratt Junior has lashed out at Ghanaians especially the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) for accusing President John Mahama of subtly campaigning with his “Accounting to the people tour” ahead of the 2016 elections.

President John Mahama on Thursday ended his tour of the Volta Region which is the third region after visiting the Eastern and Western regions where he commissioned various projects including roads and schools that have been completed.

His critics, particularly the NPP have accused him of abuse of incumbency citing the President’s ‘Accounting to the people tour’ as a campaign, saying he is using all the campaign words like “this is what we want to do when you give us power,” which makes his tours a campaign and nothing else.

The party claims he is using state funds and time to campaign.

But speaking on Peace FM Friday, Kwasi Pratt who is also a socio-political commentator disagreed strongly with the NPP’s position saying he’s done nothing wrong by asking people to vote for him during his “Accounting to the people tour”.

“Since 1992 every president has gone on such tours commissioning projects like John Mahama is doing now, since I know that other future Presidents will do same, this is not an issue that we should waste our time on. The issue of abuse of incumbency has been raised several times in the past, but this is the reality.

Kwasi Pratt further questioned why Ghanaians are only interested in incumbency advantage, but fail to talk about incumbency disadvantage which is also a big issue that bothers sitting presidents.

“If you are a President, you’re blamed for everything that happens. Almost anything negative that happens in Ghana, John Mahama’s name is mentioned. So then, if we are complaining let’s also talk about both sides of incumbency so that we have a full clear picture. Everyone has the right to criticize the President, but let’s set a standard which will be applicable to all Presidents. ”

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