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State Funding Of Political Parties Advocated To Entrench Democracy 

Gov expert

Governance Expert, Dr Eric Oduro Osae has proposed a modelled framework to support financially, political party activities in the country.

This is necessary for a comprehensive development of Ghana’s fledgling democracy.

Dr Oduro Osae said priority must be given to political party activities because they lead to leadership and subsequent development.

He was speaking on current affairs programme “Talking Point,” which discussed political party funding.

The Director of Elections for the NDC, Samuel Ofosu- Ampofo said state funding of political parties is the oxygen that drives them to work effectively.

It will help parties undertake comprehensive research to build their own capacities.

For his part the Director of Elections of the CPP, Kwabena Bomfeh said funding is needed to advance the political parties however abuse of it is a major issue.

He called on parliament to identify inconsistencies in the laws and address them accordingly.

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