Spio present campaign T-shirts to NDC parliamentary candidates

To help the governing National Democratic Congress’ parliamentary aspirants campaign effectively and project President John Mahama in their constituencies ahead of the November polls, Minister of Trade and Industry, Ekow Spio-Garbrah on Monday June 6, presented the first batch of T-shirts to 10 parliamentary aspirants.

According to Mr Spio-Garbrah, any NDC parliamentary aspirant that presents to him an art work of himself and the president will be presented with free T-shirts to assist their campaign.

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The former Communication Minister said it was important to have both the president and the candidate’s image on the T-shirts because the latter will be running for parliament on the record of the president.

“We have noticed that many MPs have T-shirts that have just their photograph, which is important, obviously because in their constituency, it is their face that they may wish to project, but I think you know very well that each parliamentary candidate is also running on the track-record of the NDC, as a party and, therefore, the track-record of President John Mahama, so, if you do not promote the president in your area, it may be that you will not succeed that much yourself because if the Komenda sugar factory doesn’t work, it was probably not built by an MP candidate, but by the government with the president as the leader. A road has been built, a hospital has been built and other projects we all know in the green book, all those have been done based on the leadership of the president and it is very important that the president’s reputation and image be attached to an MP’s campaign in posters and billboards and T-shirts. That, in our judgment, will help for these campaigns to be effective”, Mr Spio-Garbrah explained.

According to him, party foot-soldiers feel naked without party T-shirts on campaign grounds, thus, the gesture was to politically clothe party supporters.

“….From my experience, those who are on the ground, one of the things they treasure most is the ability to wear a T-shirt of the party, a T-shirt of the president or the candidate. Without that T-shirt, many of our foot soldiers feel kind of naked when they go out campaigning, no matter how many clothes they are wearing. They feel politically naked, so our aim is to clothe them politically, so they can be effective in the discharge of their duties”.

Mr Spio-Garbrah advised other philanthropists, who believe in the NDC, to donate to assist the party in campaigning ahead of the November polls.

“What we are doing here is simply sowing a seed, which is to tell other men and women of goodwill and Ghanaians in this country and the diaspora who want the NDC party to stay in power, who want the good works of President Mahama to be continued – and we are not saying the NDC government is a perfect party – any government in the United States or Britain, in China or Russia will do some very good things, but there will be some things they may not have done very well, but on the balance, what voters are going to be asked is on balance after you have weighed the good works of the current president and whatever is being promised you by another party, especially a party that has been in power before”.

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