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Spio Gabrah and His Lapdogs Are “Party Spoilers”

The conducts of hirelings of Trade and Industry Minister, Dr Ekow Spio Gabrah, after the NDC’s excruciating defeat in the just ended election suggest that they were indifferent to a John Mahama second term victory. This may sound very speculative and strange, but those who have keenly followed internal politics of the umbrella party can read between the lines.

Dr Ekow Spio Gabrah’s hope of leading the NDC is not new to Ghanaians, save the uninitiated. He attempted it on two occasions but was unsuccessful. The respected Trade and Industry Minister has not shelve his ambition except to put it on hibernation.

The man who appointed him to that position against the wishes of many NDC folks may probably not be oblivious of Dr Gabrah’s ambition. Even in the face of apparent desperation and crave to step into the shoes of John Mahama, the latter gave him the opportunity to serve in his government.

It is very instructive to note that during the campaign, devotees of Dr Gabrah spent time promoting him instead of John Mahama. They splashed social media with Dr Gabrah’s campaign activities as though he was a candidate in the election. Even t-shirts supposedly printed by Friends of Spio Gabrah were donated to parliamentary candidates under the watch of TV cameras. Was the media coverage necessary if he was genuinely doing it to win votes for Mahama?

A lot of NDC bigwigs donated items in support of the party’s campaign, but they did it at the blind side of TV cameras. But in the case of Dr Spio Gabrah, media men were hired specifically to report, sometimes, exaggerated stories of what he was supposedly doing to help Mahama win the election.

All these subtle schemes were overlooked for obvious reasons. This has later emboldened Dr Spio Gabrah’s boys to attempt to lord this absurdity over all of us in the party.

These were some of the things lapdogs of Dr Gabrah were busily engaged in during the campaign. What has come as surprise to many was their conduct after the election. When results of the election started trickling in, especially on December 8, which suggested that NDC had lost, self-professed admirers of the Trade Minister changed their Facebook and WhatsApp profile pictures to that of Dr Spio Gabrah.

As though they were part of an elaborate plot to get John Mahama and NDC out so they could take over, they gleefully engaged in this devious act in concert with persons who never whished the NDC well in this year’s election. When NPP was declared winners of the election, they realized their bread had been buttered so they stepped up their game.

These conducts generated a lot of anxiety among NDC folks. Others questioned if Dr Spio Gabrah and his lackeys voted for Mahama. Those who asked this question may have legitimate concern because the conduct of these guys after the election suggested they were happy with NDC’s defeat.

These unsophisticated lots started pushing “Spio Gabrah for 2020” agenda at a time supporters of the party were agonizing over NDC’s defeat. They callously neglected calls for sober reflection over the party’s defeat and the need to focus on reorganizing the party.

The word “reorganization” meant nothing to these guys. All they were interested in was that NDC has lost and that presents perfect opportunity for their “man” to take over from Mahama. To them, Dr Gabrah becoming NDC’s flag bearer was more important than reorganizing the party.

They have even taken their crusade to another height. They are relentless in pushing their agenda. One of them childishly responded to a Facebook post condemning their behavior that others are propagating “JM 2020” so it was within their right to also promote “Spio Gabrah for 2020”.

The Spio Gabrah clique are blinded by adulation that they don’t even know they are courting public hatred for Dr Gabrah with their behavior. Truth is that, Dr Gabrah has no support of majority of the grassroot. His relationship with kingpins of the party is everything but cordial. So for him to lead the party, he may need the support of John Mahama; that is if the latter decides not to lead the party into the 2020 election.

But unfortunately for them, they have destroyed what would have been great opportunity for their boss with this premature public relations gimmick. Dr Spio Gabrah himself is to be blamed for worsening the hatred for him in the party. He has not condemned his boys neither has he distanced himself from their preemptive conducts.

He may probably have a reason for that because 2020 is the only and may be the last opportunity for him to lead the party. Age is not on his side, and giving the NDC’s stands on age so far as flag bearers are concerned, Dr Spio Gabrah may not be considered for 2024.

Dr Gabrah is a fine gentleman with enviable track record in all spheres of life, but he has allowed his boys to shut the door at his 2020 presidential ambition.

By Mustapha Muniru/

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