You are sick with Prostate cancer – Editor Of Africa-Watch Tells Akufo Addo

Editor of AfricaWatch Magazine, Steve Mallory writes:

“Greedy Blay

Let me take this opportunity to share one of many interesting stories regarding the character of Blay, the man behind the Daily Guide, who in his own way, possibly altered Ghana’s history. While a Member of Parliament for Ellembelle on the ticket of the Convention People’s Party (CPP) some years ago, the then ruling NPP government was very generous to Blay, even making him the first Deputy Speaker of Parliament. He almost got everything he wanted from theNPP, and yet he was never satisfied.

At the time, some people inside the NPP had realized that John Mahama, then the MP for the Bole-Bamboi Constituency, could someday become president, so they werescheming to offer a cushy international jobin the UK as bait to get him out of the country. Unaware of this plot, Mahama went ahead and applied for the job. But when a letter arrived in Parliament
inviting Mahama to come over to London for
his interview regarding that job, the Speaker
was out of town, and this invitation fell on
Blay’s desk, so he secretly replaced Mahama
with himself. He then went for the interview in London, failed miserably and returned
home quietly. Blay’s greed destroyed that
plan, and as fate would have it, Mahama
finally became president.

Perhaps if Blay had not been so greedy,
Mahama would have gone for that interview,
gotten himself hired, and moved to London
for the job as it had all been arranged. Then
the history of Ghana may not have been as
it is today. But this fact does not change: The
NPP was wrong with Blay then, and it is
wrong with the man now.
But enough of the past. The truth remains
that Akufo-Addo’s ill health does not allow
for a sustained and rigorous election cam-
paign, and it does not do any favors to the
party and even the presidential candidate
himself. The man is struggling to maintain
a sustained period on the campaign without
breaking it off to seek medical attention.”
My response :
He is the number 2 on the list of the beneficiaries of the sharing of the International students hostel land.

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