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Residents terrified as river Ankobrah sweeps through town

Residents at Wiaso in the Western are terrified as river Ankobrah has swept through the town destroying properties and rendering many homeless. The incident occurred last night around 4 pm.

A resident and an opinion leader, Isaac Kudjoe in an interview with Nyankonton Mu Nsem said they saw the sea creeping towards the town with a strong force sweeping through homes. Over 30 houses according to Isaac Kudjoe were destroyed with several others flooded. He said this is not the first time such an incident has occurred however, the incident yesterday was the worst among the ones that has occurred. Isaac Kudjoe added that the sea do not have a defence wall making it easier for the water to creep to the town anytime it rises. ”No casualty was recorded because we saw the water coming with force so we became alert and had to run for cover.

Over 30 homes went down, with several others flooded. Residents are terrified. This not the first time such an incident has occurred but this is the worst.

” Officials from the National Disaster Management Team (NADMO) are yet to visit the scene although residents have called them. Affected victims have appealed for assistance. The Ankobra River is primarily situated in Ghana. Rising north east of Wiawso, it flows about 190 kilometres (120 mi) south to the Gulf of Guinea. Its entire course is in south Ghana. The Ankobra River is fed by the Nini River. Small ships can navigate 80 kilometres (40 nmi; 50 mi) inland, whilst the upper reaches contain rapids.

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