Reasons why John Mahama may be the best choice for the NDC in the 2020 elections

So far, there has been claims from some party members and political affiliates of John Mahama over his political intentions but John Dramani Mahama is yet officially make known his political intentions especially as claims have it that he could be doing so very soon.

1. Political experience There is no doubt in our minds that Mahama remains one of the most experienced politicians within the NDC.

He has been vice president of Ghana under the John Evans Atta Mills administration and also president of Ghana from 2012 to 2016. John Mahama therefore remains absolutely exposed on the political landscape considering the various political adventures he has tackled.

2. Exposure Talk of exposure to political engagements and Nana Addo would have the most advantage over his peers and contenders. The reason is simple! John Dramani Mahama has not engaged with various world partners over issues related to economics and trade partnerships but also has he overseen various elections across Africa. If the NDC should need any presidential candidate who could stand tall among his political peers, it would be John Mahama. 3. Youthful vibe John Mahama managed to woo the hearts of most Ghanaians mainly due to his youthfulness and avid thirst for social media.

Since we continue to learn how social media is being used to win elections across the world the NDC may as well be considering putting forward that very person who sets the political scene on a practically friendly way.

4. Familiarity One of the key factors which determines election victory in Ghana is with the familiarity of a political candidate with the very electorates who will win them the votes and John Mahama is the best bet to that.

5. Cost Best of all is the issue of cost. Having listed the above points it thus tends to mean that with such a well exposed and familiar presidential candidate as John Mahama there would not be the case for the opposition party to spend more cash on the marketing and publicity of a presidential candidate.

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