Re: “We’re Totally Disappointed in Veep, Hanna Tetteh and Fantes in Gov’t” – Fantse Students Union

It is with utter dismay and surprise that we, the Young Cadres Association, of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) have had to issue this rebuttal to the above-headlined statement purported to be coming from a group that mischievously and deceptively calls itself the Fantse Student Union and carried on Peacefmonline.com,GhanaPoliticsOnline.com,Ghanaweb.com We contend that the individuals behind this group are well-known New Patriotic Party (NPP) members who are only hiding behind such a grouping to seek their parochial interests.

For the avoidance of doubt, Vice President Amissah Arthur remains the warm, affable Veep that everyone knows. At no point in time has he issued any directive to any aide of his to bar people from the Central Region from seeing him. Such claims could only be the concoctions from the imaginations of hungry, desperate people who want power at all cost. Honourable Hanna Tetteh, the Rt. Honourable Ebo Barton Oduro, Honourable Ato Forson, and the Ahwoi brothers are all proud and hardworking Fantes who have devoted their times and energies to help the country and their home region grow and develop. Cape Coast Polytechnic will never collapse, and soon, when the institution has passed the necessary assessment and review, it will be converted into one of the freshly-minted Technical Universities to offer quality education to students.

In this age and time when the discourse in the body politics of the country is moving strongly towards programmes and policies, people in their determination to pursue their tribal political agenda are busily attacking personalities who, through no fault of theirs, have been called upon to serve the state.

Lest we forget, the Central Region was the first to benefit from President Mahama’s 200 hundred Senior High Day Schools project when the first school was commissioned in Gomoa Otuam by the President. The Kotokuraba Market that this dubious group wrongly claims to have been started under President Kuffuor’s term is indeed a project started under the late President Mill’s term.

But are we surprised by the NPP’s new tactics? When they realized that they have lost the debate in terms of projects, they began questioning the costs of the numerous unprecedented projects undertaken by this government. Indeed, their flagbearer is the head of the team of “Political Quantity Surveyors” in this country. Again, after realizing that questioning the costs of projects would not in any way diminish the importance and benefits of the projects to the local folks whose lives would have been greatly impacted by these projects, they have now made a full 360 turn and are now claiming ownership of projects that do not even have remote affinity to their erstwhile government.http://ghanapoliticsonline.com

But the people of the Central Region know the good works that this government is doing for the region. The new Cape Coast Stadium is not in the Upper East Region; the Komenda Sugar factory is not in the Western Region; the completed Community Information Centres (CICs) in Afranse, Gomoa Pinanko, Twifo Praso and Mankron were surely not initiated by President Kuffuor; the completed modern cold stores at Kormantse and Nyanyano obviously did not fall from the skies; the distribution of thousands of outboard motors to the fisher folks cannot be said to be the work of President Kuffuor; the Essarkyir Water Project and the countless CHIPS compounds that have been built in the region are all works of this current government of which Paa Kwesi Amissah Arthur, Ebo Barton Oduro, Hanna Serwah Tetteh, Ato Forson and the Ahwoi brothers are all key members of.

So go on with your deception and lies, NPP and your so-called Fantse Students Union, and the good and well-meaning people of the Central Region will reward you accordingly in the November polls. President Mahama has shown time and again, that he will continue to invest in people and let the works speak for him. This faceless three-man clique masquerading as a recognized group is only scared of the monumental change being engineered in the country. And like their paymasters, they are busily thinking of the next false news to churn out.

Bright Botchway
General Secretary
Young Cadres Association
(0249 – 999145)

Mubarak Watara
Young Cadres Association
(0244 – 753143)


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