There is a story making rounds that Hon. Gyapong Kudzo, the regional chairman of NDC Volta has condemned Madam. Dzifa Akua Attivor. Kindly disregard that publication because He has not said so on any platform.
What Madam. Dzifa said are historical facts.

NPP is a very desperate party.
Many will pretend the party has no agenda against Ewes and people from the volta region. But the fact still remains that a leopard may get wet falling into water, but it’s spots are eternal. – This proverb confirms the assertion that apart from the name change of the leadership of the NPP from President Kuffour, to now Nana Akuffo Addo. Facts still remain that Ewes are their target.

Here are remainders .

1. Atta Akyea plans to export dead bodies to the Volta Region with the intention of providing evidential support to impugn the integrity of the elections in the volta region.

2. Anthony Karbo in his leaked tape said they should target Ayigbey (Ewe) Generals and brigadiers in the Army.

3. The infamous call for the beating and killing of ewes by Kennedy Agyepong is still fresh in mind.

4. Kwabena Agyepong was on tape claiming there are no human beings in the Volta region.

5. Appolo 568 was suffered by Ewes when npp family took power in 69. Systematic whichhunt and dismissal from the public service was suffered by Ewes that led to the famous Sallah case in court.

6. It is true that npp used the fast track court generally to try to destroy the NDC as stated openly by JH Mensah that the aim of their fast track court prosecution was to destroy the NDC. And ewes were the main victims.

7. The direct and persistent attack on ewes and calling them aliens and questioning their citizenship is another.

8. The warlord himself declaring all-die-be -die and added that Volta people vote one way.
What about Nana Addo’s Y3n Akanfuor de3 y3 d) y3n ho ??

These are all unfortunate reminders of NPPs hatred for ewes among others.

Per these, Hon. Dzifa Ativor was only reminding her people of historical facts.

Tsatsu Tsikata was jailed

Dan Abodakpi was jailed

Victor Salomey was jailed and died in prison.

Col. Gbevlo Lartey was arrested for no wrong doing.

Must we wait for them to proceed with the Agenda to cripple the base (Ewes) of NDC ?

No is the answer …
Hon. Dzifa Attivor spoke our mind.


Chester Ben Ati
Deputy Communication Officer .

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