Prophetess storms President Mahama’s campaign in Obuasi

Something interesting happened at Adansi-Akorofoum which sobered all minds and nerves and necessitated fervent prayers by some pastors who were invited to grace the occasion.

The lady on your screens emerged from the crowd, forcefully took a T-shirt from a guy standing close and started quoting some biblical verses with tears dropping from her eyes while sweating profusely. As if hypnotised, the crowd gave her way to walk to the President. The security personnel of the President acted with dexterity in handling the matter. After carefully studying the situation followed by the sudden strikes of thunder and accompanying showers they led the young lady who was later identified as a young prophetess to where the President sat.

The lady fell on her knees immediately she approached the President, then placed her forehead on the foot of the President while reciting Psalm 35. This was exactly what she said.

“You have a huge responsibility hanging on your need. Like Moses, you have been assigned to take Ghanaians to the next level. Do not be afraid of the thorns in your path. Do not be perturbed by what people will say about you for I am with you. Do not depart from your good ways as other leaders do. I have already anointed you with my oil and it remains a spiritual contract between me and you, sayeth the lord”

The President’s immediate demeanor and looks suggested surprise and shock. He gathered the needed courage to respond calmly to questions the lady asked him which will appear in my subsequent write up.

The most shocking revelation was the disappearance of the lady immediately she stepped off the daze. The President’s aid combed around to get her for the President after the show but to no avail.

She prophesied that Ghana will become a powerful state and would be filled with milk and honey. Children born unto this land shall forever see grace and favour.

Credit: Ohenenana Obonti Krow.

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