Propagandist Otabil doing NPP’s bidding – Koku Anyidoho

Deputy General Secretary of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) Koku Anyidoho has described General Overseer of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), Pastor Mensah Otabil as a propagandist who’s doing the bidding of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP).

According to him, Pastor Mensah Otabil who doubles as the Chancellor of the Central University is one of the leading persons who are creating the impression in the minds of the public that the Mahama-led administration has done nothing meaningful to improve the lives of Ghanaians.

The influential Man of God delivering a sermon on Sunday among other things expressed concern over the harsh economic condition currently existing in the country.

“Ghana is hard and that is not a political statement.

“It’s a statement of reality that people are going through very difficult circumstances in their private lives, in their businesses, and people are struggling with certain necessities of life and sometimes when you go through these tough times, you need encouragement.ghanapoliticsonline.com

“So, I am bringing you a word in that direction, and I trust that at the end of this service, something in you will lift up.

“Sometimes, when you look at life in this country, you feel as if not only is life hard, but we want to make it impossible for us to live our life. I was telling my wife yesterday, I said: ‘We are not nice to ourselves. Ghana is not nice to itself, let’s treat ourselves well; just make life better for ourselves, but it looks like there is a deliberate effort to keep you down and subservient and to make you never lift up your head.

However in an interview with Kwaku Owusu Adjei on Si Me So on Kasapa 102.5 FM Monday, Koku Anyidoho in a reaction to Pastor Mensah Otabil’s comments, condemned the latter for always trying to run down the Mahama administration.

He said Pastor Otabil can also help improve the living condition of a section of Ghanaians by using his privileged position to help students who school in his university.

“If he says Ghana is hard then he should give a rebate and say that one academic year he’s not charging school fees, then we’ll know that he’s walking the talk; leadership by example, he should not charge school fees for a whole year to make life simpler for everybody. If Ghana is tough, the students who are attending Central University and paying exorbitant school fees are also suffering. So he should lead and decide that he’ll not charge school fees and then we’ll listen to him, for now, he should give us a break.

“Otabil is part of the people creating the impression that nothing good is happening in Ghana, that’s why we’re worried. He’s part of the propaganda. If Ghana is not nice …..he should make life better for the students who attend his university.

“ There was a recent report that said he (Otabil) is the most influential person in Ghana, so what is his problem? You have money…you’re very influential so what again? What opportunities again does he want that he has not gotten…then he should give free education in his university? Don’t we have relatives attending his university and don’t we here the stories of the exorbitant school fees he charges in his place, so why don’t he give them rebate.”

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