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Prof Baffour Agyemang-Dua, a former UN governance advisor has praised the Mahama administration for continuing Nkrumah’s infrastructure development drive which scaled the country’s infrastructure development.

Prof Baffour Agyemang-Dua was speaking on a GTV current affairs programme on governance in Ghana. According to the former UN advisor, deliberate government initiative to improve the country’s infrastructure ceased with the removal of Nkrumah.He said the Nkrumah administration built and established industries of all kinds which are still pillars supporting the economy.

Prof Baffour Agyemang-Dua said, subsequent regimes didn’t attach greater importance to improvement of our infrastructure resulting in the huge deficit which was substantially reduced by the Mahama administration. He said the Mahama administration just like Nkrumah, deliberately borrowed to improve the country’s infrastructure. He said “The long and short term benefits of the investment are obvious to all” He said, the economists will apply their “priority” principles but we must look at the long- benefits and their socio-economic benefits in both long and short term narratives.

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