President Mahama Ends Central Region Campaign Tour

President John Mahama, has ended his five day campaign tour of the Central region with a promise to deliver on major manifesto promises in his second term.

While pointing his fore finger into the sky, the President said he is confident of victory because the track record is there for all to see.

President Mahama, addressed huge enthusiastic crowds at Effutu, Awutu Beraku, Kasoa and Nyanyano in the
Gomoa East district.

The Central region came alive when the campaign trail stopped there.

All the rally grounds saw pleasant and frenzy cheers. It looked more of a carnival.

Having gone round the country to account to the people as his first term ends, President Mahama, is using that platform to make a case why he deserves a second term.

On his last day in the region, the President addressed large gatherings at Winneba, Awutu Beraku, Kasoa and Nyanyano.

Interestingly the Central region is fortunate to have benefitted from landmark projects. President Mahama, says he is not done yet with that region when he comes back for a second term.

The Presidents fierce faith of a second term is premised on the proverb which says”he who climbs a good tree is assisted by others to climb higher”

The Communities visited are mostly fishers. The fishing industry has received tremendous support from the government, because it is seen a major contributor to the economy.

At Nyanyano President Mahama launched the Gomoa East campaign.

This places a responsibility on party executives in the area to hit the ground running to retain the government.

President Mahama, mentioned some projects in the offing for Nyanyano.

President Mahama, endorsed the NDC Parliamentary candidates for Effutu ERIC Don Arthur, Awutu Beraku Hannah Tetteh and Desmond Paitoo for Gomoa East.

He asked the electorates not to vote skirt and blouse to allow for Majority in Parliament.

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