President Mahama Calls For International Collaboration To Curb Corruption

President John Mahama says he has never accepted a bribe adding that anybody would have encountered corruption in one way or the other but what is important is the will power to resist it.

Speaking to the BBC on the sidelines of the UK Prime Minister’s Anti-Corruption Summit in London, he said the fight against corruption is a difficult task which needs partnership to tackle.Ghanapoliticsonline.com

President Mahama said his approach to tackling the fight against corruption has been phenomenal, compared to the past where people were asked to bring evidence before allegations of corruption are investigated.

He said he has ensured that all allegations of corruption are quickly investigated and the perpetrators brought to book.

On the issue of who contracts are awarded to President Mahama said the circumstances of how sole sourcing is applied are being reviewed.

He said he has directed that every contract that is sole sourced is subjected to value for money so that the people of Ghana do not lose out.

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